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 my friend mark's orphan great white owl chick tired of having his picture taken

Love that David. 

Orchid Lady

Oh David, you're spoiling Lily and I with sunset pics, they are our favourites.  Your last two are beautiful.

I'm hoping to get some good ones in Crete when we go 

Orchid Lady

We've been to Corfu and Kos, I think I posted a sunset in Kos somewhere on this thread, I love the Greek Islands and can't wait to go to Crete 

star gaze lily

Beautiful David, as OL, says thank you, sunsets are my favourite. 

Went to Greece last year, great holiday.



4th of july at cherry springs;40C-3% humidity-heat, light, silence. 


How do you know where i live?



I have just rotated your pic 90 degrees, the top one on 07/07/14 its brilliant!

star gaze lily

OH WOW!  Love wild flowers, thats absolutely beautiful David, love the cornflowers.