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Orchid Lady
Brian?? Travis is a tractor off Bob The Builder, mine and the boys favourite children's programme when they were little
Orchid Lady






Grrr....trying to get photos in and it's so slow and all coming out wrong!!

Here are a few recent ones, I've not posted any on here for a while as hadn't uploaded them from my camera.

They will all be in the wrong order but as you can see I like close ups of flowers and raindrops


Orchid Lady

Well as you can see from the blank post previously, I had a bit of a nightmare David, glad you liked the pics, it makes it worth the effort 

I was trying to find some sunsets for Lily but I think I've posted my best ones already, hoping to get some more in Crete 




Summer display 


Orchid Lady

You're making me jealous again Flumpy, those Gizanias (I think that's what they are called from memory) are beautiful 

CN, I have a pic of one of those little rainbows I took a few years ago at Whitby, absolutely beautiful, I'd never seen one before and never seen one since, I thought maybe they are unique to the East coast but obviously not 


Thank you David, it's the first time I've had them, my dad has them too, they come up year after year, the colours are amazing, sorry to hear yours have been eaten "greedy buggers" . OL you will have your Gazanias next year the you can show off too 

star gaze lily

Here I am David, sorry. Thank you for the close up of cornflowers, love them.

And yes drooling away here 

Beautiful sky pics.

Looking forward to more sunset pics 

Orchid Lady

Oh David, beautiful 

Thanks CN, I find weather 'stuff' very interesting but didn't know that, now I do 

Orchid Lady

Did you like my spider's web the other night David? The weather was really odd and like a fine misty rain that didn't even wet me, very odd but I thought it made a good picture 

I think the first one is my favourite 

Orchid Lady

We do and unbelievably I tried to get one all last winter but we never had a hard frost so that one was quite unexpected 

I have problems uploading images on this site. Some do and some don't. The ones that don't take an age and then it says "Oops there is a problem." Could it be the byte size?