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Orchid Lady

Actually I do David, I wonder if my camera has that?  I really need to learn to use it properly 

Orchid Lady

Thanks David, I'll have a look tomorrow, on orders to rest my foot now 

Orchid Lady

Thanks David, it looks familiar 

Steve 309

Vey impressive everyone.  I'm impressed.  They've made an impression on me. Did I mention that?

On hols in the Lakes at the mo with my OH who's visiting from Belgium.  Will try and take some good ones tomorrow

Salino from the Queen's Sandringham Gardens...Norfolk...

..I've played around with the first two...using Picasa and vignette shadings.. it was a bit of fun - hope they don't hurt anyone's eyes...

...the 3rd photo is as it should be...  if anyone knows the silver foliage shrubs I'd like to know...I've forgotten what they are from when I saw them...




..The Queen would not be


Wow - all things bright and beautiful on here

David I thought your sunset pics had disappeared because it got dark

 monsoon in monument valley

 flashflood monument valley


DavidS and Steve309 - spectacular. Is the blue one a hydrangea? It's huge.

The scale of your country DavidS is mindblowing.  Hope petrol is cheaper. Well you get about a bit