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We get a lot of spiders Steve, which don't bother me in the slightest. Apart from when I have to release butterflies from their webs 

Older daughter and I had a good laugh at youngest  -she can be a big girl's blouse!  

Is that wrong...

star gaze lily

Aaaaarrrrrgggg,   I'd be a big girls blouse too if I'd been any where near that!!!!


Wow David that is beautiful

Fairy an impressive Boris


Those really are beautiful David 

For those that might of missed the Wisley thread, here is a pic to make you smile

Naughty Panda  


Thanks David  


Steve 309

Just back from a short trip to Cap Gris Nez and Boulogne.  Saw this caterpillar on the footpath....

 Any ideas?

Later the same day another one, being eaten by a devil's coach horse beetle (a bit blurred but interesting, I thought):

 A rather nice damsel fly...

 and finally ...



star gaze lily

Love the sunset pic.

Just saw this pic on the internet and thought I'd share it.......thought it was great.....


Steve 309

Hmm... foxy!

More of that sunset, from the same sequence, and the moon rising at the same time...





star gaze lily

Steve they are fabulous,  love sunsets thanks for sharing.

Steve 309


But if it's stones you want...

 ^ flints embedded in the chalk of Cap Blanc Nez

v dinosaur poo.  Apparently.


Orchid Lady

Those sunset pics are amazing.......glad I haven't posted my holiday attempts yet, they would be out to shame!! 

Funny foxy pic Lily 

star gaze lily

Beautiful pink David and clever 'butterfly' pic  too


Lovely butterfly pic. 

nice dino doo dude


 sun through smoke of fire burning west of town