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David K

Although this wasn't taken by me, I thought I would post it anyway as it's a real 'chocolate box' shot.

It's a pub local to me, where I like to take sustenance from time to time.



 A photo for anyone who has trouble growing heather.

Taken today on Beeley Moor (near Chatsworth House) looking towards Ladybower reservoir.

The perfume was marvellous.

star gaze lily

David K, re hug on other thread..........

Orchid Lady

Only 9 sleeps until I fly of to get beautiful sunset pictures 

Thank you for  your kind comments re my  sky photos  . I took them on the morning after that huge moon which was hanging low in the sky (sunday 10th), pretty sure the changing light for the sunrise was part reflected by the moon going down. Timing was crucial, another few minutes and the sun would have been up and over the fence. That sky was incredible in the colour changes. Nature eh!


Orchid Lady

 A pretty caterpillar......much nicer than the 'ugly' one a few pages ago  He was soooooo fluffy  (I posted him on another thread so hope you don't mind me sharing here - I just thought I'd show David I'm not a total wuss )


Just wandered into this thread and up popped your caterpillar picture Orchid Lady - I think it's brilliant.

Orchid Lady
So do I, he was just so so cute........I didn't honestly realise caterpillars could be fluffy and cute
David K

Smashing shot, OL  I've been trying to work out what butterfly/moth it is...maybe a moth I think.

Wow never seen anything like that ever ever! Wish I could is it confined to a particular part of the country?

Orchid Lady

I think it is a white Ernine, I started another thread to find out.  The caterpillar had the line down it's back just like the white ermine caterpillar does.  I don't know where he's gone now, I put him in the pear tree 

Good links for id-ing CharlieNovember, thanks. 

Lucky you OL  , hope you can find the caterpillar again.



 Breakfast for the birds  too high for me to reach!

not up to standard of you guys but couldnt resist this.  was a mass of butterflies but time I got camera only 2 remained


dont post here often but always an essential daily thread this for me


David K

Great take, Verdun...certainly nothing to apologise for.  Hope there's no upper or lower class here, everyone's efforts are equally welcome.

My camera club starts-up again on Mon next after our summer break....a club outing to Slimbridge is planned for Oct 19th.  


I always read this brilliant thread, haven't posted very often but thought you may like to see my two tone dahlia.





David K

Aww...exquisite barely covers it, donutsmrs.  Many thanks for sharing. 

star gaze lily


Went to a National Trust today at Winkworth Arboretum, beautiful woodland walks.