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Nikki J

thanks everyone for the advice on finding my lost photos but I think they are gone for good

.  Some more great pics today!

Fairy girl, here are a couple of my cloud inversion ones.

 Top of Blencathra looking towards Skidaw

 Glyders in Wales

John Harding

Couple of pics from 2012 Hampton Court Fwr Shw. Thought Verdun might like to see them




Lovely, lovely photos, Fidgetbones.

A few pages ago Sarah asked about a yellow and orange flower. I think it was a Lantana.


you're putting us all to shame FB! The crow is still my favourite.


The cropped crow head looks like a plague doctors mask. 


Thanks John.  Appreciate that.  If that doesn't attract people to growing grasses nothing will 


Love reflections on water in photos.

Nice photos John, but, Verdun, I'm a lost cause. Don't think I will ever like grasses in flower borders.


Now David that ticks all my boxes fantastic were was this taken my friend



David that is just wonderfull

one or two from me i do need to spend some time sorting mine






thank you david but it is just point and shoot no skill at all, i have some more but i think they must be stored on a disc, perhaps i might try to sort them this winter when its too cold to garden.



i have just found these on my phone



You've done it again Ann - great rainbow shots. 

Nikki J

Love the Autumn Reflections David.

Little-Ann - really nice rainbows!



thanks everybody, David i will have a go at that but not today its very cold and wet