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You're very taken with that Australian crow,  farmergedddun.


Good for local opinion David to much of our Heritage is diminishing to I can’t be bothered to preserve it. 


Nikki J

Love the Orchid David.

A trip to my father-in-laws allotment this morning gave me a good photo opportunity!






a lot to live up to there Nikki, father-in-law is a very good gardener by the looks of it and your pictures show his lovely flowers at there best 


I do like crows FB - when they're not near my allotment!  I thought the "winter is coming" was quite apt - obviously I'm alone on that  



I was looking for a quote for the 'silly quotes' thread when I came across this one and thought it suited 'camera corner' quite nicely....

*It pleases me to take amateur photographs of my garden, and it pleases my garden to make my photographs look professional.*



Nikki J

Where are you Brumbull?

Nikki J

Thanks little-Ann.  He is me lots of advice but, like any man with an allotment, I am sure he keeps a lot of secrets as well

Sarahs garden
fidgetbones wrote (see)

I have a lovely picture of one of the arched canal bridges but its a Tiff file, while all the later stuff are Jpegs. Do you know if you can convert Tiffs to Jpegs?

Hi Fidgetbones, Yes you can. Open the images as a JPEGin Photoshop, then click 'save as' and scroll down to the format you wish to save as. This creates a separate version on your desktop.

Nikki J

Brumbell...I am in Leeds. West Yorks.

David K wrote (see)
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Gorgeous David 

Thank you, Dove.....hope you've enjoyed all the pics as much as I have.

I have David - it's a lovely thread, thankyou - I hope to contribute more once I've had time to get to know my new camera a lot better 

Nikki J

Keeping up with David's theme of canals.  Has anyone ever visited the Pontcysyllte aqueduct at LLangollen?  Very impressive but not somewhere to walk across if you suffer from vertigo!!







 Brown booby chick

 Frigate bird

Nikki J

nice Fidgetbones!