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i love that david, water is facinating isnt it, im wondering if there is a camera club near me, i shall investigate further its good to keep learning



My passion flower of 2012, it did not do well this year, I replaced it with something else a few weeks back. I do miss it,   




..thank you for starting the thread...very nice too.... ^we all get rid of plants only to regret....I just dug out a Lavatera, popped into the wheelie bin for recycling and now I want it again...too late... dog eyeing up his lunch...he wishes...


Salino, nor Muslim by the looks of things... Irish actually - healthy appetite..


wow david what a brilliant thred now this more like it

got thiis took it at night





I'm no expert, rather point and shoot, but some flowers just look gorgeous close up like these gazanias.


 And some look weird, like this ageratum.


A very reluctant photographer cos I'm not very good at it but I enjoy these excellent photos.  This is a perfect addition to a garden forum.  I will comment, admire and enjoy this thread without posting a photo but I have a feeling I will pick up the photography bug.  It's a thread that will neither divide us  nor cause bad comment.  Roll on those pics 


hi david, I used the camera on my phone for that pic, I just checked the properties on the photo. I thought it was a macro from my point and shoot. Are you in a camera club?

I like to take photos most days. I know how to turn the macro on and off, but totally lost with ISO setting and shutter speeds.

lol Salino nice dog & piggy.

Great shots lizzie nice colours.


My contribution from Mexico.





Nice photos.

It woud be nice if posters could state which camera they used & settings/exif data etc with each photo.


Here's one from a holiday a few years ago. It's just a fairly old Olympus digital camera. Not sure of the settings or any techie data LF - sorry!



I'm never really quite sure what makes a photo special. I have a little Canon Ixus which I just put on automatic and I point it at scenes I like, or family - whatever I would like to have a memory of. Photos like this one of where we stayed in the Gorges du Tarn.