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I'm sure it'll get sorted David - let's not get downhearted - have you got any photos of autumn colour you could put on Happy Marion's thread?  I've put a rather mediocre photo of my lovely hostas on there - I love how they look when they're turning colour 

Nikki J

It appears to be working ok for me

  My pics for today....

 One of my favourite locations in the Yorkshire Dales - Gordale Scar at Malham......look closely and you can see people scrambling up the side of the waterfall.

 Malham Cove


Nikki J

where are you getting the Christmas smileys...I can't find them


Click on the drop down menu to the right of the smiley on the toolbar 

Nikki J

no....clicked on the drop down menu and still no Christmas ones....oh well, it's too early anyway


Just checked out David's link from earlier - stunning (No christmas smileys here yet)

John Harding

A few autumn colours: these were taken on a Panasonic FZ7 on 17th Oct. 2007










 All taken at Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire. Originals were Tiff files from RAW images but I've had to convert to jpegs to upload here. JH


Oooh those look fantastic - I've never been to Westonbirt - this is obviously the time of year to go - better put that in my diary for next year 






All taken on my Samsung Android, not good for photo's, the camera is much better for close ups, but its quick!