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2 wheel gardener, snow for 5/6 months where are you?

Fidget, the croc, thought it was real    2 booked in at spec savers.


DavidM2, thanks for pic of that handsome chap. Brill.

Dove I also enjoyed going on the walk.

Keep them coming folks


I've found a photo only external Hard drive so be warned more Photos coming from me.



My best friend

 Never angry and always please to see me also never open's my wallet to take a tenner for the taxi home lol


Aw he looks just like Billy a lovely Welsh Springer who belonged to a sculptor and bronzecaster  friend of mine - Billy would sit quietly beneath the wooden bench in the pub on a Friday evening, sneaking through to the tap room every now and then to refresh himself from the spillage trays beneath the barrels - until one evening when he got up ....... and fell over 

On another occasion the friend had a big Christmas feast in the barn, using the furnace to cook the  large turkey - everyone was served and ate well, and eventually, after a lot of Adnams bitter and telling of tales (well these were mainly sculptors and painters) second helpings were called for........ but the turkey was nowhere to be found - but Billy was found in his basket with a load of foil wrapping and some bones !!!!  Fortunately he was none the worse for his greed, and a closer eye was kept on him at future Sculpture Feasts!!!




Two great pictures clueless.


Lovely James 

Took this pic of my car roof from an upstairs window the other day after a frosty night:


star gaze lily

Aww, clueless,  he's gorgeous.  What's his name?

Great pic fairy.


Fg that's great - I remember when the inside of our bedroom windows looked like that in the mornings.


hi all i have had no internet connection for a few days so i need to catch up, but going to the camaera club in a couple of minutes


David, that is gorgeous - the clarity of those reflections!!!  Where is that please?


Lovely David - by the way - I spent a lot of my childhood playing in old pigpens like those!