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Having trouble with photos, the next one didn't work and the one above looks much clearer in my files.

I thimk the imagination of the photographer prob determines how good the picture is.  For me, framing is important ..viz.  to get everything you want in the picture. Im sure attending a short course will give me greater insight.  


 camera Ricoh model Caplio r7

focal length 5.4mm

white balance Auto

aperture 3.6

exposure time 1/714

ISO 100

its looks as if i know what im talking about not true this is the information the tablet flags up about each picture i load onto it

i do have another camera with a tripod that belonged to my brother in law i will post deails at a later date. i use the caplio a lot because it has two personal setting options and i have one set for macro and the other for more distant pics and they are both set to take small images so i can post on here.

i also take pics on phone and tablet, thats enough for now


 christchurch oxford


Beautiful photo David - that's the best time to get a good shot before everyone else has woken up.

Same again archiepem - it's amazing how much better it looks when you click on the picture to increase the size.   



I don't even remember which camera we had for my pictures. In all honesty I just point & click. If they turn out okay great. Not much of a photographer, and def' no artistic should see the ones of people, no heads, you have to recognise their clothes.

Lovely pics on here, really enjoying this thread.


just out walking in the summer one day not far from where i live seen this rushed home and took this off my camera phone

 thank you david for the warm welcome

and all these photos look great


 magdalen college  from a students room 


The photo with the yellow field enlarged beautifully. Lovely honeysuckle growing in the hedge.


No,my other half took the photo in Cocos (keeling) island , indian Ocean. we were 25metre down. The best aquarium in the world.  The cleaner shrimps will clean, finger nails, pedicure bare feet, and if you open your mouth and take the regulator out, they will clean teeth.

This is the bit I took.


Fabulous MartyMower - I just want to open that gate and walk across the field to the hills in the distance.