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star gaze lily

Lovely pics again everyone. 

Nikki, stillcan't send PMs,  as soon as I can I will be in touch

David Matthews2

 Pleased to say that 'climbing' fuchsia "Lady Boothby" is still flowering nicely in my sheltered coastal garden, along with several others - thanks for your kind comment, Forester2.

I'm enjoying all the other contributions on this thread - so wonderfully diverse and always of great interest.


I like your butterflies , David K


But I fancy  three weeks in the maldives more. preferably in manta season.



trying hard David  things not working very well i love your butterflys


Kuredu sunset


Maldives manta


The reason you should wear paddling shoes in the shallows.


I dont know what happened to the sunset there.


far far away, and a long time ago.

 try this one.  prison Island (cocos keeling atoll,)  Eastern Indian ocean. yes the sky is that blue, and the sea that gorgeous. 29C and 30 meteres visibility. 



star gaze lily

Love those pics fidget, could just see myself there at the moment, what bliss.

David they look like the woods at  the bottom of our road, except thankfullythere's no snow on them yet.


Great pictures of the Maldives went there in 2005 for our silver wedding it was out of this world and have great photo's to remind us of it will go back in the near future. I will look them out and post some on here son & daughter went with us had 2 water bungalow's the two weeks went past that quick.