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Great pictures of the Maldives went there in 2005 for our silver wedding it was out of this world and have great photo's to remind us of it will go back in the near future. I will look them out and post some on here son & daughter went with us had 2 water bungalow's the two weeks went past that quick.


Andy- you spend so much on the flights getting there, you may as well have three weeks....... Any more than that   and I get bored with the food.

just noticed a 'groupon' offer at the moment for anyone interested....

18 module photography course with

Fantastic photos btw everyone.
Nikki J

David the begonias.  After seeing some fantastic begonias is gardens this summer i had already decided to grow some next year.

Nikki J

haha...i thought the showing ones were yours!

However, your's are still lovely.  My mum's are still flowering despite doing absolutely nothing with them.

My pics for today....





star gaze lily

Hi Nikki, sorry can't read your pm, as soon as I can I will pm you.


David did you go to Southportthis year


Great pictures Nikki - love the tomato with its curved back leaves


Isn't that pretty - is it night scented stock, or aubretia, or ..... ?


reference your butterfly's

Hello David it not as easy as you may think to take a interesting image of a still life subject is it. Try different back grounds and light source for affect. Good effort though 




these are pictures of dahlias at Southport this year the one with people to give an idea of size





john greengo fundamentals of digital photography on youtube

this is a must watch for any one wanting to start photography

Heather Michaels

Hi all,

Its the first time I've seen this thread and its fantastic, what stunning pictures. Thank you all so much I've really enjoyed it. No pics to add from me but some advice would be appreciated if you don't mind. OH wants a camera for Christmas but I've no idea which would be best? He wants if for taking pics of garden and inanimate objects that don't move but also wants to be able to take pics of fast moving things such as the birds in the garden so I'm guessing something that allows high speed pics and it would also need to have a pretty good zoom and something similar to auto focus (he cant keep a camera still!). Any advice or recommendations greatly appreciated. Then I might be able to upload some of the results here. Heather x