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its this tablet thats causing the problem David it was fine until i removed google chrome because after the last time it upgraded the text was very small on all web sites.

no problem with my laptop but i dont usually turn it on every day the tablet is more convenient easy to carry round the house, i have tried to load a picture that i have put on before and it wont let me its just this site i can put pictures on face book


Thank you David, i really do love those close ups of flowers, you see so much beauty like that.

Ann, i only ever use Chrome on the laptop, it takes ages on the tablet to load them and i dont like the photo's it takes either, quality not good. Typing is quess work as well!!


 well its working again i downloaded Chrome, technology is great when it works


thats a good link David, did you know you can do that with your camera i had a little play the other evening i am hoping to do a complete rainbow with a lot more practice, that flower bed is impressive when you say cheap annuals did you mean seeds or plugs






My take on today

 B&W with a colour pop




star gaze lily

Clueless,  what a beautiful picture. What a cutie. 


thank you Lily

I have some more to take for a friend in January.


Hiya James.   Is this your family?  Black n white seems to capture more sometimes.  Lovely