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wonderful fidget i could watch that manta for hours


When we got back to the boat, we were told off because we were late for breakfast. Yes, but we saw the hammerheads and a manta. If we didn't have the video evidence, no one would have believed us. A few very subdued faces from those that went back early when we showed the video. Guess where we did the after breakfast dive.


fidgetbones, I've watched both and loved them. That was one sleepy octopus. TY for sharing.

Fascinating stuff keyser soze.  


FB - fantastic  The octopus just seems to melt into the rock



The octopus changes colour to match the rock, also changes the texture of its skin to match the surroundings. Net result- invisible.

David Matthews2

 This isn't a real cat either - it's my take on an ertsatz 'cat deterrent' design [often seen in gardening mags at SILLY prices!]. Mine's made from a lino offcut, matt emulsion (on both sides) and a couple of glass marbles supergled in place! Does the trick of keeping my lawn and flower beds virtually cat-poo free!


little Ann would you please do a house swap pppppplease I really think you live in a wonderful part of the country

please don't stop with your photos Love them




here is my photo of the week

 as you may have guessed I like portraits I get a kick out of them esp when people see the finished photo



hi everybody sorry I have not had much time for the board or taking photographs

to much Christmas to organise this year

James is that a Jasmine, David I do like snow pictures. have to go I need to make Rum and Brandy butter 


no not jasmine hanging basket flowers but I do have Jasminex2 with a white flower

i'n not sure what the flower is ??