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John Harding

Just close your eyes awhile and imagine the gentle clip-clop of the horse's hooves on a sunny summer afternoon in August as the barge is being towed along the tow-path of the Tiverton canal in the beautiful Devon countryside. The silence was magical.




John thats so lovely, now were did I put my beer


Christmas preperations have been put on hold today, went to the seaside 






Lovely pictures Ann, people viewing do enlarge they are lovely.

I take it they are home produced David, can I have the middle speckled one to boil for my brekkie ?

Please ace photographers keep them coming, love this thread.



Not greedy I picked the smaller egg

Thank you for another lovely Rose pic. So sharp and clear I want to lean forward and smell it.


Wow, it almost looks like one of those illusions that if you stare hard enough the centre rotates.

We may need to be wary.....David's sunflower is hypnotic.  


David, I like swans. We have a reservoir near us that has had swans there since I was a child. My Gran used to take us each Saturday and we fed the ducks etc. Whenever the swans came near she "legged it" and told us stories about how they could break a man's leg.

You don't want to hear her version of what rats do

A lovely picture. Please keep the thread going and I'll try my "point and click" at something over the holiday period.


 Black swan, Swan river, Perth, Western Australia.


My Gran would have run a mile Fidget. Hard to get my head around a black swan. Thanks for sharing.


I love swans too. They say they mate for life...

 These are at Loch Melfort, just south of Oban on the west coast of Scotland. First time I was there it was just the swans - there are quite a few of them - and next time  they brought 'baby' to show us.