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You and me both David...not to be..such is life eh?


Got 'singleated' then met the real swan David...that's the problem!

Maybe a roast one for Christmas dinner would be good - I'm sure Madge wouldn't miss just one little one... 

Do you think the three wise men looked like this?


star gaze lily


They look yummy, very aristic, fg, and snowflakes too.


David - are you really Mr Kipling then? 

They look very tasty. Send one over- slightly warm please. 

Do you make your own mincemeat? I find shop bought pies too sickly because of the filling so we don't usually have them. When I used to make them for my Mum and Dad I added grated apple to the mincemeat to make them less sweet. 


Not a good photo and don't know what the bird is but it loved what the shore fishermen disturbed.



No idea whether they mate for life, but they are South African Eagle owl chicks spotted in a park in Cape Town


Punkdoc, I love the way the one on the right is curling its claws.  


Merry Christmas David and everyone on this thread -it's been a lovely one to take part in.

BL- is that your tree? Lovely.

This is my little one for this year, complete with it's gingerbread 'men'!



Really beautiful trees Lizzie and Fairy Girl.


Sorry, got my Decembers muddled, that's last year's tree. This is this year's, but they are pretty similar.