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Deanos Diggin It

Quite agree David! 

My "Christmas Rose" in flower!  

 Although this was last year! 

Fairygirl's ok...BL's having a senior moment too with her tree pic!....

Lovely photo Deano 


 only the two of us today so we have been for a walk, looking over to Kentmere Church.

we have all the family tomorrow for our traditional turkey lunch, hope you all have the Christmas you wished for

David Matthews2

 Merry Christmas!! Nadolig Llawen!!

Greetings from us 'ere in Pembroke Dock, Doc Penfro - coastal South West Wales

Second 'go' at loading a festive treat: a wondrous 'flat-pack' tree from the Ukraine exchange visit made so many years ago, it still graces our home each Christmas as a reminder of distant friends and lasting friendships!!



looks like you had good weather like us David, hope you had a nice day 



Gardening Cape Verde style.


this is my son and parters new puppy, its not a good picture because i am still not sure about settings and of course the pup kept moving 



I think it's a bit soon to say that David, people have been busy with Christmas. And winter is less inspiring for photos, unless it snows.

Here is a photo that reminds me of summer, the long border at Waterperry. But I'm just a happy snapper!



David, I think concrete type blocks that were skimmed over. Looked good on the outside, but stairwells and such gave the feeling of being in a prison, well what I imagine



hi david i do have a camera small enough for my pocket which is very good, as for the auto settings on both camera i am never sure what to use indoors for animals, i will have a play using our own dog for a model shes a bit older and keeps still 

BL is right the thread wont go away