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Hi David, yes, I found a tripod is a must for fireworks - as is taking a *lot* of photos to get a few good ones!


Firework photos are notoriously difficult.

When we used to take in films at the place i worked, around bonfire nights, we used to gets loads of really disappointing pictures. At least with digital cameras, you can see its no good, and not waste money printing them.

 I think the learning curve can be so much quicker with digital. it is cheap to experiment with bracketing, etc.

With underwater macro shots, the in thing is a ring flash, which bathes a small area with an even light, instead of the usual strobe to one side ( or two strobes)


I just need a lesson in basi photography. I can get the pics on here ok but any good ones were taken by OH


 is this any good . jubilee 2012 



Eye catching archie.


great pictures everyone 

David i have just had a look at your new camera it sounds v good

i have a fujifilm s2000 hd 15x zoom and a tripod that did belong to my brother-in-law who sadly passed away two years ago, i also have a sony video camera but have never got round to even trying that yet.

so i need to learn to use the fuji properly not just on auto i watched a couple of videos on utube that i found helpful and i think i should set aside some time to practise with different settings.

i also found a camera club not so far from me they meet on Wednesdays Sep to April so i might go along for a week or two and see how i get on


Bob thank you for your reply, i have a picaso and photobucket account so i could resurect one of them i know i can resize in them.

if i take a picture on my iphone or my tablet they load on here without a problem and i use a small format on my small handbag camera and they load okay, i think i have far too many options thats my problem i need to plug my brain into gear and get organised


...just catching up with photos on this thread...all very nice...I do like the landscape ones in particular.... is that Lake Windermere above there little-ann...? 

...if my house is still standing by end of tomorrow...I might post a couple more as I'd like some advice.... wind is terrible here.. I can see a Silver Birch tree looks precarious in the's huge..and ripe for destruction in something like this...houses nearby too...not mine...I can sense a '1987' brewing...


no Salino its Kentmere. i am playing with resizing



Oh dear little-ann - it hasn't snowed  your way  already I hope!  Lovely pictures though.


no not yet 2009. these pictures were taken with a small fujifilm sr auto 12.2 megapxels

from a moving land rover with my hand holding the camera outside and just snapping as we went. i wont boar you with anymore today






just one more for David

 this is one of our favourite days out from Hawes over to upper wharfdale next time i will take my tripod



The potty gardener

I'm afraid I only take pics on my phone. I was really pleased with this one taken earlier in the year



little-ann - I love the last one of your 'snowy' pictures.  Hope you weren't doing the driving!!