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Holiday snaps!? I'd better get some more butterflies in quick then!

Another cracker by the way David!


Marbled White...


Small Copper...


Green Veined White with Hoverfly...




 My beautifully scented Twice in a blue moon rose, from last summer.


 talking about holiday snaps  no i didnt go over ti but OH did


Same here Lizzie - just looking at that picture makes my legs go wobbly.

Where was the picture taken little-ann?



Cia, beautiful rose.

Higgy great pictures.

David I like holiday shots  Hope eye healing well.

Ann I also get wobbly on piers, so no way I would have crossed it either.


correct David its the Carrick a rede bridge, this is another from the same holiday the path starts in the top left corner of the picture and zig zags dowm to the sea Oh took the picture 


 the red thing is me it looks better enlarged


My hair still sticks up like a chimney sweeps brush


Oh dear, now your testing me with these wonderful holiday pictures!

Some wonderful landscapes L-Ann and a family snap that could do with a date on it I reckon David??

So here's my initial contribution from not very many holiday snaps. We haven't even had a holiday for the last couple of years!!....

All taken in Cornwall...



 Sorry but can't give exact locations as can't remember...




1959 / 1960 ?

Prior to the popular basin cut hair, that I had in the 60's.


Wonder who has the oldest picture ?

star gaze lily

Kef, you look so cute.

Little-ann I can't see a 'red' thing. I'm sure I went on a bridge like that in Cornwall/Devon, when I was a child, I didn't know at the time but my Dad hated heights and didn't want to go on it, but I did!, could have only been about 7 or 8 at the time. Wouldn't get me on there now!!

I haven't got the oldest picture Kef i'm only 21


Some great 'old' pictures there KEF which I can't compete with as before my time I'm afraid!!

'Big Guns' Well done David I can honestly say with that amazing picture consider me 'shot down!' LOL




Not been to The indian Ocean, but would love to.


Thanks Lily. Cute didn't last long.

Higgy I'm only 27.   I meant the oldest photo we own, somewhere my Mum has a snap of my Dad as a child, he was born 1927. Just wondered if we had some really ancient ones.

Ann I can't see a red thing either.



the picture with the ruined castle on not the bridge i wouldnt go on that 

if you click on the picture it will open in another window enlarged, some pictures work better than others it depends on the original size but i always look at the pictures on here enlarged you can see so much detail in a lot of them so get clicking