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Fantastic picture -  potty gardener.  Absolutely superb.   I am so enjoying all your wonderful pictures.


no  OH was driving, i love that picture of the bee Potty


 really nice catching up on this thread..


Lovely pix everyone! That's a great bee pg - you can see all the pollen on his little legs 

Stacey Docherty

Wow just seen this thread now really excited as Santa may be bringing me a camera for Xmas!!! As most of my pics have already been posted I will wait and bombard you all next year



I think its a fuschia david.  Looks very nice.


 david yes i did read your post sorry i should have said thank you before

David K wrote (see)

Really nice shots floks.

This is Essex Bridge over the river Trent. Built by the Earl of Essex for Queen Elizebeth 1.


I love that photo, David, the tranquility, the reflections, the different greens of the trees.

Highland Jeannie

Hmm, I selected a piccy, pressed "upload" & nothing happened - either that or when I submit this a couple will appear several times each !!!

Highland Jeannie

Oh, nothing, I'll have another try here.

 Oh, it defaulted back to my last reply, the pic was shown on the "insert an image" box but not showing here.