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Here here Verdun - he was my inspiration too and I often re-read the books I have that he wrote on gardening.  Is Barnsdale open to the public?


Such lovely pictures Fairy - a real tonic.


Think so Forester 

Here's the Hellebore I got at the nursery today :

 and my native primulas :



Barnsdale is near to Rutland water. Maybe we should have an outing in the summer? I bought a DVD of his series there.I think it is still available on amazon too. I think it was hemerocallis that the nursery had a good selection of.


That sounds a brilliant idea Fidget - I will have a look on the internet.  Thanks. And thanks David K too.



I have GH's Cottage Garden & Paradise Gardens on Tape Also the Paradise Gardens book. I loved his make & mend approach.

David I for one would really like to see your slideshow.


Fairy nice pics, they really make you feel Spring is coming. 

David K wrote (see)

Something not working, can't get the link to activate.

Think someone else said they had a problem with links yesterday / Thurs ?  Will look forward to it another day, think Daniel will be tired.




David  What time of year was that?





Just select/highlight David's link and click on it - it'll activate 

Fidget - count me in for Barnsdale - not far from MILs - might bring her along 


I'm thinking June time for Barnsdale. My garden should be full to bursting with plants by then, so I won't be tempted to buy more. unless of course it is particularly exquisite, at which point I will dig something else up to make a gap.


When you copy a link you have to click afterwards to make it change colour, then it works.

Lovely springlike photos Fairygirl.

I loved Geoff Hamilton too. Saw all his GWs late as we couldn't get English TV when we moved to France in the 80s. Easier with satellites. So sad when he died too soon. He did gardening for everyone, not just the better off and he made some super things using recycling and inexpensive materials. I loved his cottage garden ideas with flowers and vegetables together.


Do you remember his concrete rocks? 

How many people nowadays would make something like that? Yet it was such a simple idea.

I'd probably do it right enough!