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No doubt your wrist will curb your hill walking Fairy unless it's a gentle stroll.

Phew, that is absolutely breathtaking Fairy.


Hi everyone, not sure if I've posted this shot before, but here you go anyways.

A Barn Owl on a fence.

Lovely shots ladies, and why the new thread, Fairy?



Shrimp pedicure

Coconut crab



Thanks Lb 

I bet the Shrimp Pedicure is rather ticklish, fidget 


Love seeing your pix fidget. Hope you stick more of them on here  

If we were doing a caption competition, your first one would have to be   'you lookin' at me?' 

Gorgeous owl Sheps. Nice to see you - you've been missed. The mods like us to start a new thread when they get a bit big. Apparently they don't take so long to load or summat. 

My pic was taken on top of Goatfell's main summit  on Arran. I think about eight years ago - some time in December. The wrist would only be an issue if it was ice axe conditions Joyce....possibly. It's more the side of my hand that gives me a problem on here. RSI from using the mouse. 


Very.  What you can't tell, it is in an underground cave. We dived through an underwater entrance, surfaced, took off the kit, and walked through to the pools at the back. The shrimp are blind, as they never see light. There are flashlight fish in there as well, but they were harder to photograph. You switch off all the torches, and they emerge from hidden corners, all you see are the pouches beneath the eyes glowing. very weird.


One of my favourites. Me face to face with a big spotty fish. He was definitely looking at me. Probably because I had forgotten a snorkel when we jumped in and I was spluttering around.


Inside Thundercliff cave, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean.
The picnic area , Direction Island.


Sheps, when a thread gets to 1000 posts Nora from the Gardeners' World team asks the person who started it to start a new thread.

What amazing pictures - those fish - the colours are fab and just so unlike anything we get here - what a wonderful experience to dive with them - love the owl Sheps - one of my favourite birds and looking so directly at the camera too. The bleak and haunting snow scene is beautiful too for so many reasons. This is a brilliant thread - it reminds me that there is more out their than my garden and familiar surroundings.

Pat E

Great shots everyone 


I've got lots of fish shots. From the sublime to the ridiculous....


Beautiful pictures.   That snow scene is so serene and the fish colours so vibrant.    I have seen fish pedicures advertised further south in France on hols before and now I find there's one opening at Nantes which is not that far form here.

Beautiful barn owl - I've not heard one here yet but there are others about of the towit towoo variety.



fidget - I love your photos. I hope you'll post more of them - even if you've posted them before. It's what I don't like about threads being closed. Many people (new members in particular) don't get a chance to see photos that have been previously posted - fidget's are a classic example.

Goatfell has a lovely trig on the summit  


Kat the solitary dugong

sometimes the coral is so good you have to keep fins away
Prison island
sleeping octopus sat on a rock,welldisguised.

Sunset. All photos ,Cocos keeling islands,Indian Ocean.

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Sunrise in Hull Sunday 13th November

Lovely pictures Tray - I never saw it looking so serene.  I lived in Hull for a short time - my mother came from Hull and my eldest brother was born in a house in one of the avenues. Happy days....