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Hi All,not sure the name of this lovely plant but,it has 5 youngsters growing about a foot away from it  all doing well,now are they still connected, or not and how can i get them safely off 


the mother plant, they would look good around the garden and i know there expensive,  

It is a Phormium.........check back from the babies to the mother plant...........if the babies have roots, you can cut them away and pot them up to grow on.

Phormium flamingo I I think.

Think it's Phormium sundowner.  

You can divide it Alan.....spring is best.  They pull apart quite easily.  Cut top growth by half when you do it amd replant immediately.  

Phormiums generally look so AWFUL.  Few people seem to know how to grow them well I think.  I remove all old leaves in spring to allow the highly coloured young leaves to grow.  It will still flower if the plant had intended to.  Old leaves lose their colour and youthful flexibility so off with them 



Thats great news everybody many many thanks for that ,Phormium it is check for babies roots,and if none devide in Spring Easy now, cheers all ,storms tomorrow maybe ,but erein Norfolk east we NEED rain  loads of it please.

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