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derrick hammer

as in last year i have grown lot  of  plants from seed off one type . would like to swap for plants off a differnet type with in your own postcode or with in a 5 miles radius in which we live . hope start a new way  to help start to have  new plants  in there garden  . can  i have your thoughts please

Gardening Grandma

Hi, Derrick. This is an excellent idea but I would like to see it develop into local gardening clubs. In my area, many have closed down. They are sociable and a great place to learn and share. It strilkes me that maybe they need to cover a slightly wider area than previously in order to be sustainable.


Lovely idea but we're so widely spaced. There aren't too many people within 5 miles of me and to the best of my knowledge none of them are forum members


its a great idea  with people having smaller gardens more people can grow a wider range of plants to swap if you get my meaning


The potty gardener

I must say that some people have sent me rooted cuttings and tiny plants through the post on the seed swap on here. The roots and a little soil can be wrapped in damp kitchen paper then put into a plastic bag. The whole thing put into a fruit punnet thing from the supermarket. Then one was put in a modifted cardboard box and another a jiffy bag. It makes swapping easy with anyone on the forum.


Gardening Grandma

Think I might start a thread about gardening clubs....



You could put the excess plants on local free cycle and hope people reciprocate.

That then limits it it to your area-so a car ride way

joyce mannell


Brilliant idea  if anyone lives near me in portsmouth i would be glad of some plants

I put an add on freecycle portsmouth as I had loads of plant pots and seed trays to dispose of also other household items and they all soon went 



joyce m

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