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Hi all ,im sorry for the bad pic as iv left it a bit late as the plant is now over its best But wot a bee and butterfly lover it is, sometimes 8 buzzers at one time , and the butterflies cover it right up to late evening , so we would like to plant more next year if i can find a name for it,SO help if poss and ava nice evening, cheers Alan.


Think it could be weigela.  Let's see what others come up with.


Smell the leaves, probably thyme or oregano.


Marjoram of some type...........leaves look too "fat" and soft for Thyme ?

As BBoogie says....smell will give u a clue



YES it smells a little minty  and tyhmey,so thyme it is ,now with that link iv found it in my book it looks like Thymus Bressingham,many thanks for all that folks, Cheers 


I agree with Philippa, looks more like marjoram/oregano to me


Sorry Alan I got that one badly wrong as I thought looked like it was a large shrub.  I'll get my coat.


Great on pizza....

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