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love the look of the garden in the last picture!


This hedge looked like it had been there for years.


Call me picky bit I don't like fly tipping.

I don't plant biscuits in the veg bed.

Looks like the kids had a bad art teacher.

Don't forget to pack your wellies.




The planting you liked, was in Jo Thomson's garden, which was absolutely beautiful.

She is a veteran designer, who has won many Chelsea medals.


Thanks punkdoc, hers is one of the gardens i am most looking forward to seeing!


The white shoes were probably not a good idea.

fidgetbones says:
sweet peas

No idea what happened to my previous post (above) but the question was asking if the garden in the 2nd photo was the result of the storm or if it was supposed to look like that?


No, its meant to look like that.  I haven't looked up the meaning or artistic impression or whatever. My mum made a loud comment about it being a mess, as she is wont to do. No emperors new clothes in our house. Say it like it is.   To me it looks like a skip full of builders waste, fly tipped, and partly grown over. A hazard for wildlife and an eyesore.  The garden with the meadow bit and the pretty fence got a load of  good comments from bystanders.  The quarry garden  looked like a yard to me. A few plants at the edge and that was it.  Looking at the amount of people buying plants in flower, I think the organisers need to remember it is a flower show, not a landscaping show.


Having found my guidebook...The flytipping, is a freeform garden  called " path of least resistance." Apparently it promotes sustainable and resilient gardens of the future , and highlights the strength and versatility of plants found on post industrial urban wastelands.  These apparently evolve to become biodiverse areas in which wildlife thrives. More like a deathtrap as they get tangled in the rubbish.

I'm afraid if somebody needs to explain the symbolism of a painting, sculpture, garden or whatever they've already lost my interest.


I deliberately didn't look at the explanations. To me it should either look like a garden or not.  It either appeals or not. As I said, we tend to say it how it is in our family. Honest or blunt, depends on which side you are on.


Thanks for posting pictures 😁


Thanks for posting pictures , hoping to go next year 

Have not watched G/W programme about it yet 

As for rubbish in the veg , well just looks like " rubbish" to me !

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