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After a painful Boxing Day I got to see my dentist as an emergency today and have just had an extraction. In need of sympathy as the anaesthetic is now wearing off

Happy and Heathy New Year everyone!


Oh bless you Daydaisy ((hugs)) lots of sympathy heading your way






Thanks so much Pansy and Dove. I feel better already!  Yes Pansy I am sure I can find some 'medicine' somewhere! Better wait til this evening though as as I still feel a little spaced out. 

Hi Daisy, I feel for you, hugs. 🤗. Got a feeling I will be needing the same as I broke half a tooth on nuts on Christmas Day And it's really getting to me today, trying to be brave as I hate dentists but I don't think I will be holding out much longer.....Hope your feeling better as the day goes on!? 😊


Daydaisy, It always happens when you can't see a dentist. know what it's like. Take some painkillers but be careful if you're taking alcohol. Hope you get better soon


Thank you Clarice and Logan. Clarice I do hope you don't get any pain with that chipped tooth.I would brave the dentist before things can get any worse. My dentist was lovely and reassuring this morning.

Really,our gnashers are a nuisance to us from the day we are born. Logan, as regards alcohol, I am boringly sensible with that poison but perhaps one whisky might improve things later on! 

Shrinking Violet

I sympathise, and agree that Pansy's magic medicine will probably work wonders!

I also have in my medicine cupboard an emergency dental repair kit.  Last Christmas I, too, broke a tooth just before the big day.  Fortunately it wasn't painful - just sharp, so I filed it down a bit with an emery board .  But ever since then, I have the emergency kit ready if needed!  (Bought it in Boots - part of the DenTek range.  Not cheap - but a lot of peace of mind!)

Get better soon daisy - hopefully it will be a whole lot better by this time tomorrow.

Kitty 2

You have my sympathy daydaisy .  You will be feeling very sore and bruised following an extraction. Your dentist should have given you an advice sheet with instructions to follow for pain relief and aftercare. Rest is best and no swilling alcohol or anything else, you need the blood clot set in the socket.

My daughter had to have 3 healthy teeth out a couple of years ago for her braces and ended up back at the dentist a few hours later when one of the sockets wouldn't stop bleeding. Not a good experience.

I do however recommend a capful of neat vodka as a very effective mouthwash to numb a toothache Clarice, just don't forget to spit it out. Much nicer than oil of cloves

Daydaisy, how are you feeling now.? When I was 15, I had to have a wisdom tooth out because there wasn't enough room. My dentist wouldn't do it,I lived in Worcester then,I had to go to Malvern to have it out. I was very sore and mouth was swollen for days.


Thank you for asking Logan, I am feeling a lot better though I am being very careful to avoid that area in my mouth. The only problem being that I am losing so many teeth these days I'll be on baby food soon! The dentist advised me that looking at the x-Ray I will need a root filling in the one next to the extracted one so I'd better start saving up. I really can't afford to lose another tooth. 

Lovely part of the country Malvern. My son lives in Droitwich and we go walking there sometimes.

Daydaisy, glad that you are feeling better.yes Malvern is nice and droitwitch. I've been up the Malvern Hills a few times.

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