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Gardening Grandma

Not too enticing! Grow your own tree-bark for cooking?

I love the idea of community gardening, too. It needn't be confined to vegetables, either - there are plenty of grass verges and semi-derelict or neglected areas that could be beautified, adding to the amenities of an area and lifting people's spirits, as well as helping gardeners to develop their skills. B and Q used to have a scheme with cut-price plants to encourage this, but I don't know if it still exists.

I believe that these things are great if you have some lovely semi retired person with plenty of time, expertise and resources. You do always need a leader then others will follow, the idea that they will spring up spontaneously always makes me laugh.

Gardening Grandma

You are absolutely right there, joslaw. Someone has to start it, in the same way as all organisations start with one or two enthusiastic people. There's a community garden in a nearby town to us which is now really interesting and positive. I guess it takes courage to be the one to start it, because one might be rejected and get no takers. Also, I suppose, one needs contacts and a bit of understanding of administration, because I don't suppose one can just pick a verge and start working on it! 

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