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Reading the comments above has prompted me to write this, I was new to this forum and I was foolish enough to respond to a comment made by Dovefromabove.It was taken the wrong way by him/her and posted a very sarcastic remark back. I found this very hurtful and stopped going on the forum for a while. After some thought, I decided that I was depriving myself because of ONE forum member and  there are alot of VERY KIND and polite other members who have given me good advice. I also felt that I had the option not to read or response to this persons' postings or blocking.

I an pleased that I had the courage to carry on with the forum as I enjoy reading the comments and most of the forum members are VERY, VERY sensitive to others, especially novices like me.

To you I say a big THANK YOU and and what a pleasure it is to read your postings


The thing that worries me about supposedly compostable plastics is that they don't actually decompose - or so I've been told. All they do is break down ultimately into very very small bits of the plastic material and persist in the environment like that. Wherever possible I use paper bags or newspaper to line my compost bin.


People on this forum try to help others but when you see the 999th posting on "cats in my garden" sometimes you might come over as a little short-not intended

Some of us have different writing styles-some right novels-some right short responses-all get to the point as they see it

As was said earlier a few of these speak volumes-why dont people use them more?

End of sermon


Talking about the liners, I try to compost mostly and the wildlife also do well with what cannot be composted.The rest goes to the council in their container lined with kitchen paper(costly) or wraped in newspaper. And yes, I washout the recycling etc. containers with diluted vinager(very cheap!)


There's no gstring smiley I'm afraid Geoff! And yes, not everyone gets on with each other because we are all different, if we were all the same, my how boring it would be!



I'll add my twopennyworth! I do the same as Ben and rinse the kitchen compost bin with water from the waterbut and tip that on the compost heap. It can get a bit smelly here in summer when it's 30° so then the kitchen bin goes outside (in the shade!) and I just use a smaller bowl that I empty daily into the kitchen bin.

I think smileys are very useful for softening things you say and adding a touch of humour.

I wound nt think Geoff has his g strings out yet, it's a bit cold.
Steve the Gardening Vet

I must admit that I didn't see BrummieBen's comments as sarcasm and I'll throw my hat into the ring here. I don't have a compost heap at the moment due to ongoing re-organisation of the garden, but when I did, I just found the bags a pain as they just sort of sat there!

I did try to be cheap for a while and use the indoor bin naked (the bin, not me! As there is a bigger one for outside that you transfer it into) but I found that far from giving it a bit of a rince, I was fighing a rising tide of fungus! So I am back to using the bags. When I am home composting again then I shall just pop the peelings et al out on a daily basis. Cooked food will continue to go in the bags for recycling.


ahhh, you see, it's about the frequency of the emptying, I certainly would find my bin ponged if I left it all week, hence I don't. This also should be a consideration on the positioning of the compost bin/heap, if it's in passing, then it isn't any effort. As I said, bags? What is the need?

Steve the Gardening Vet

Sadly ours will be down the bottom of the garden and of course, cooked food is bad due to pests and the fact that I just know the damned dog is likely to decide it is her favourite place!


To bag or not to bag ?

Is imo.....up to ones own individual choice. There is no right or wrong answer !

Gardening Grandma

My dog is also very interested in the compost bin because he likes carrots and bananas rather a lot!

Jatnikatyar, it is the cut and thrust of debate that can lead to a bit of forcefulness which can be taken as sarcasm. The first time I encountered Dovefromabove, I argued with her quite strongly, but later found her to be nice! I'm glad you decided to come back, anyway. Keep posting!



Thank you GG for your kind and encouraging comments. I feel that the forum is for EVERYONE and not a select few, and it is wrong for certain individuals to be patronising and condescending towards others whose opinions they do not agree with.

I enjoy reading the posts and interacting with like minded members and sharing ideas.

Gardening Grandma

Quite right, jatnikapyar. I'm new as well - I just have verbal diarrhoea. I think one reason that it seems cliquey is that some people (like me) have time to post quite often and do. Others read but seldom post - it takes courage because  no-one wants to be belittled or to show their ignorance. I have made daft comments a number of times but learnt from them and soldiered on. On the whole, people are helpful and friendly though we can all slip up occasionally.


GG you don't seem new anymore!

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