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Hi All

I've searched everywhere to find an answer to this question.

I use 100% compostable caddy bin liners in my kitchen waste bin, does anyone know how long they take to degrade?


From what i understand there are 2 types Photodegradable plastics and Oxo-biodegradable plastics. I think the latter takes about 2 yrs to breakdown depending on where it ends up.

Thanks Marshmello.

I thought that maybe the case, I wont be putting them in my composter then


can I ask why you use liners? Why not just use the caddy, and when it's full, empty it and then wash it out? What is the point of liners exactly? I mean washing the caddy out takes all of 30 secs with hot water?


Thanks for the sarcasm Ben. They are to stop the bin stinking. 2 years at degrading I won't be using then again that is not degradeable in my eyes so am going to use recycled kitchen paper

brummie ben maybe they don't like cleaning out a dirty bin each day.

Gardening Grandma

I do put them in the composter. They degrade to an extent and I simply pull out the remaining bits when I am using the compost. A bit of a nuisance but less messy that not using anything in the bin. I also put in tea bags even though I have to break them up before I can dig them into the garden.

Mine goes in the bin then up to the compost heaps. How will paper stop it smelling I wonder.

I used them in the bin and compost looking good but bags still in bits in compost bin as end up picking bits out putting them back in the bin to compost more, so after a bit gave up with them and still year or 2 later still picking them out compost not so good

I would not say to use them as take too long to compost

Gardening Grandma

I don't use them for compost, just pull out what remains as I go along. Matter of laziness really - I could have emptied the contents into the composter and thrown the bags away!


It wasn't sarcasm at all, just an honest question, mainly because that's what I do, and my caddy doesn't stink, I chuck it out every other day unless I've been chopping something like onions. Raw peelings and apple cores etc don't smell unless left for days. I have a waterbutt near to my compost bins, so after empying I fill the caddy about a third full then swill it around and stick that on the heap. When I finish doing the dishes I use the water to whizz round the caddy.

Sorry you thought I was being sarcastic, was never intended that way, I always see liners as being more hassle than they're worth. Good luck with your composting anyways.

when do wash my bin i use vinegar to get  rid of any bad smells

Gardening Grandma

Goes to show the problems that arise when you can't hear tone of voice. I don't know how one gets around that one, because I have sometimes been irritated by the way people phrase their replies - and have probably irritated other people, too! How does one avoid sounding condescending without constantly apologising for oneself? I cringe at some of the things I have written and today, I narrowly stopped myself from giving someone a heavy put down because I thought their response was condescending and  silly. Doesn't happen often, though!!! People are nice here.

Anyway - I like bags but would really like to use paper ones if they weren't so expensive.


I know what you mean about coming across as sarcastic or nasty, I posted a comment on a thread when I hadn't been here very long just to be told that was ridiculous. I was contemplating not posting again but then I thought, sod it, who cares, we are not likely to meet the other people so here i am, still here.
People seem to be much more sensitive and touchy these days, don't know why.
My partner frequents a site where they tell you to don your asbestos underwear before you come in!!
Gardening Grandma

I've seen it done, too, even saw one person described as 'a bit dim'! People are entitled to courtesy - even if one's private opinion is different! I think it is a reason why some people read these posts but don't actally post themselves - it takes a bit of courage. In my own case, however, it is more a case of fools rushing in where angels fear to tread.

Steve the Gardening Vet

The secret to being clearly understood with regard to how you meant something to be interpreted is emoticons!

I can't always agree there Steve, that can come across as passive aggression.
But does it really matter, it's soon passed and if you let yourself get upset, and leave the forum, you are the one to lose out,

With regard to buying bags for the compost bin, I wouldn't spend out for them personally, but some people like them.

Well, a quick scan of someone's previous posts usually shows what type of person they are. I like to think I help where I can and join in with the banter occassionally. Having read back what I originally wrote, I can see how it may have come across, I'm not that sort of person to bark at someone or make them feel bad for no reason. Life's too short, and it's much nicer for everyone if we can respect each others opinions. That is the whole point of being here, is to debate, and find out how other people sort problems, isn't that how we learn? Anyways, mdw84 I hope you accept my sincerest apologies.