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I have built a couple of large compost heaps with old pallets and now have a redundant black dalek. It occurred to me that I could put in all the leaves when they drop. Will they compost down or do they need light and air too?  Expert advice needed please!


They'll be fine in there - good idea - they'll take their time - leaves always do - a bit of recycled beer or cider will help and a good stir occasionally 

Ooh thanks for that! I had planned to leave it for at least a year and my OH is really good at recycling beer, wine, tea & coffee...


They need to keep practising apparently 

We bag ours in bin bags - usually 8 to a dozen as we have two big ash trees.  We punch a few holes in the bags and stack them in a corner for the winter, then during the summer, when we're putting lots of layers of greenstuff in the compost bins we haul out a bag of leaves every so often and add them - seems to work ok 


I bought a dalek last year and -my mistake - it was not as big as my others so I put it in a redundant part of garden and filled it with the leaves. As leaf composters usually are open I left the lid off so the 'weather' could get to it. They seem to be coming along very nicely

Problem is what do I do with this years 'harvest'



That's why once they've started to rot down, the following summer we incorporate them with our compost which heats up nicely and they speed up a bit  Last autumn's leaves are in the compost which will be spread on the veg patch this autumn/next spring.

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