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Hello, I've grown cosmos purity and all sorts mix from seed for the first time this spring. They are looking really good, standing about 3-4 inches tall, but now I've come to a stand still. What do I do now? When do I plant out? I've also grown cleome and also come to a stand still. Any help would be great, please.

Busy Bee2

Well, technically, you should probably leave until all danger of frost has passed.  However..... in my experience, they have always got to such a size by this time of year, that I find myself sticking them out early.  To be fair, they go in between other, taller plants, not east facing, in a garden sheltered on three sides, and I put plastic bottles over them to be sure, but I have never lost one yet, and I take the bottles off towards the end of May, and away they go.  I think if you don't live in a harsh area, and have a plan as to what you would do if there were a sudden drop in temperature, and are confident of your local conditions, then stick them out now.  You could always keep a few back in case of a tragedy. 

Thanks Busy Bee2 that's great. Wish I thought of the plastic bottle idea, it will also stop the slugs having a chew on them as well. Thank you.

Busy Bee2

Yes, that's right - we have more trouble with snails than slugs here, and they will go for the stalks, so the longer that the roots have to establish, the better the chance that the stalk will get a bit woodier and less tempting to the molluscs - sometimes the snails have taken a bite, but the plant has managed, eventually, to come back. 


Pauly, don't know where you are in the country, but mine have been out in my fairly exposed garden in the Fens for about 2 weeks.



Mine have been out for a couple of weeks too and are doing fine.

some of mine went out yesterday (NE) along with some growing dahlias. If I don't make an early start it's too much of a panic at the end of the month. Naturally it's fingers crossed and fleece at the ready.

Busy Bee2

They are quite accommodating aren't they!  And every year I look at them and think how pleased I am that I grew them.  Foster daughter chose the seed packet last year (cos they were pink - duh!) and now feels a personal connection with cosmos, so suspect we will have it every year till she grows up, and probably beyond, in honour of her!!  And of course my buzzing babes are very partial to it..!

Hi artjak, we live in Cornwall where it's been breezy and quite cool, but I did put a few out last night with the protection of plastic bottles. Do you know if it's a good time to plant out Cleome?

I sow mine outside once it starts to warm up, usually with success although obviously later flowers.

I wont be planting cleome out till June. They like it hot and sunny.

Ok thank you, let's hope for some hot and sunny weather soon.


I planted mine out, and some pesky pests just bit off the heads. the annoying bit is, the heads are just bitten off but not eaten. i have started a new set. i think i will wait for them to get a lot bigger before i plant them out.


I think I'll plant my Cosmos out now in that case.They've been hardened off for about 6 weeks now with stalks like leather.How about Nasturtiums and Signet Marigolds though?

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