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hi, im new to some veg and salad growing so here goes, iv grown some tom and cucumber plants from seed very well too, they are now 4 or 5 inches tall and have 3 or 4 leaves, what i wanted to know is how big do they need to be before i plant them in grow bags or pots.  many thanks


Hi jen, what size pots are they in at the moment?

hi, they are in little square black pots at the moment, not the very little pots but id say the next size up maybe?


Where have you got them just now ? Are they going to live outside or in a greenhouse? Are roots showing from bottom of pots? Do they need any support as yet?

Not an expert but do grow both.

at the moment they are outside during the day weather and temp permitted, at all other times they are in my sunny kitchen, they will be living outside but i aim to try am keep the cucumbers warm by white fleece as i dont have a green house. the roots are showing very slightly and no they are not being supported yet as they are still littlish.



If you can see the roots you could pot them on to a slightly bigger pot. Rather depends when you expect the end of frosts where you live. Presumably they will be going into the grow bags when you put them outside.

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