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I always wear the plastic gardening, clog-type shoes, no matter what I am doing. I cringe at the thought of anything bitting my toes, let alone chopping them off! I now wear a round necked T-shirt as one time when I was gardening, I came in to make tea and felt a tickle. I was still feeling a tickle a couple of hours later and looked down my top. A huge spider had survived my itching! Yak!


Must admit Smokin I wouldn't want to look at a tennis ball amongst plants, but I did save wine corks, before most became screw top, and used them. I also have little green plug like stoppers to use.

At one point I did consider a blob of plasticine..but it's that long since I've seen any and not sure if I've even spelled it correctly.

Sudden flash  wonder if a ping pong ball painted forget it...not much protection...

Looking forward to reading subsequent posts.

Good advice smokin

I always use tops for canes.....well, I try to.  

I take too many risks inthe garden though........reaching,up with hedgetrimmer on an unsteady ladder is the most common one.  Jumping over the pool rather than walking around even though it is not very big.  Never fallen in yet but landing on a slippery perimeter slab has meant a dicey moment or two.  Just think, if I fell in and drowned the jokes thread would not have existed!


Little spongy balls are good - the tiny ones in different colours.  Also, in the past I have used Red Nose Day noses with pirate faces on. 

Other dangers in the garden are toxiciity of many plants - I was surprised when I looked at a toxic plant list, after I had a serious reaction to a Nicotina plant.

Not all plant sellers label correctly - so now I check the list and never garden without gloves.




Anybody in your household drink those little yoghurt drinks?  The containers slip over the top of canes - and they are free!!

Widgets fit snuggly ontop of canes, and if you drill a few more holes in them they can be used as the joints for netting cages


What is a widget please,Zoomer44? I do use pingpong balls(cheaper than tennis ones.) I used to use camera film  spool containers but like wine bottle corks they are hard to come by now.But I do agree, I have had quite a few close shaves  over the years but luckily still have my eyes intact! We don't realise how dangerous our gardens are.

It's one of the few benefits of wearing glasses.

waterbutts wrote (see)

It's one of the few benefits of wearing glasses.

Another of the benefits is that I can see what I'm doing 


and never staking anything

Well, yes, I'm hardly ever organised enough to stake things when they need it. I usually end up getting down and under and heaving the thing up on my shoulder while balancing a stake on my outstretched shin and holding a piece of tying string between my teeth. It's usually at this point that my glasses fall off into the undergrowth.....


 I can picture it waterbutts


Oh Verdun, perish the thought, never mind cake who wil get your coat eh?

jatnikapyar. Widgets are balls found in cans of larger to make them froth when opened. Not sure if they still put them in the can as I saved mine a couple of years back. They come with a hole in and off course, you need to drink the beer first before you can get at the widget.

Having a bar-be-cue and supplying the beer is the quickest way to collect them. A good time is had by all and you have a good supply of widgets 



Ta Zoomer44, even at my age I learn some thing new every day.Not being a beer/larger drinker I have not come across them


Here is my solution - prettier than tennis balls


Dear Smokin

I have been poked in the specs more often than I care to remember. I am the despair of my optician. Actually, his are crocodile tears because he makes a fortune out of my stupidity.

As for growing things, I've grown a lot of things in my time but balls, never. Nor am I ever likely to try. More than happy to be a member of the gentler gender.

I saw a simple solution recently. Large snail shells popped over the top of the cane.

Ask permission of the owner first, of course.