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paliasglide might be good for this,ears on Frank,got no bully beef  cheese on toast before i go to the allottment,anyway iv just been given a compost machine,now do i put it on grass or slabs and do i put a bitof cardboard in the bottom to start it off or anybody got better  ways please  good luck Alan4711

Gary Hobson

An advantage of putting a darlek on grass or soil is that worms can easily find their way up into the compost.

I have one which is on slabs. Mice still find their way in somehow. I don't think they do any harm, beyond giving you a surprise when you open the top.

Frank might be able to tell you a lot more...


Gary mi duck,,didnt think of the worms i need in it,and the mice are better off in the darlek than in my gardening clothes in the shed good advice mate thanks 4that


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