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Visited my local waitrose today, they are beginning to set up garden centre sections, and they were selling containers of David Austin roses at £20 for two.

Considering how much DA roses are usually I thought it a good deal, Sorry though didn't note which varieties.


That's a good price! Last year I was paying around £13. 

I have just potted up rooted cuttings of several David Austin roses, struck in autumn 2011 in a bed, now ready to be planted out. Three 'the New Dawn', three Shropshire Lad, and one Compassion. I have several other roses ex cuttings, now fully established, and more cuttings taken last autumn, hopefully to be ready this time next year. 

Gardening Grandma

Well done, Gold1locks.  Do you have any special tips for success?


Beginning of September, take 10" cuttings, pencil thick, and place them in a narrow trench, only 2" showing above the surface, with 1" of sharp sand at the bottom, and leave for 15 months, after which they will be ready to plant out. take 3 cuttings for each one you need, for insurance. That way you are bound to have some to give away!


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