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for dog lovers everywhere, show us your pooch.



'Oooh, my tummy's cold!'   This is Pippa, with her four inch legs, out in the snow.




Aww, dacshund and black lab - two of my absolute faves - I once had one of each at the same time (well, the dax was really a  mini wire haired dacshund x JRT - a wonderful cross).  A real Irish Brace



 Scout likes sticks and balls!



 This is my lovely and very intelligent Border Collie, Tigger. He was nearly 10 in the photo. Now he is 12 and has cancer, but seems to be in remission at the moment. He follows me around the garden like Nigel follows Monty.


My little yorkie Suki,Shes a star.



Our tow rescue dogs - Rasta who will be 8 on April 1st and looks and behaves like a Wheaten Terrier but is of unknown race .  Needs a hair cut every 2 monthe ans is clever and stubborn and a joy.   Bonzo will be 6 some time soon.   This picture was taken 3 years ago when Bonzo had just come to share our lives.    He had never been outside or had a garden or been for walkies or been toilet trained and is still afraid of anything new but is a bundle of love and fun with us.



Lena N

My rescue dog, Stevie ????




Scout was a rescue over 9 years ago now.  He had lived in a barn or chained to a kennel until 'saved' at 3 years old.  He was supposed to be a proper sheepdog on the Pennines and does have the eye but not the inclination to chase anything live.  It took him about 48 hours to decide that being a housedog was a good career move.  He proved very trainable obedience wise and goes everywhere with me.


What a lovely thread and what fantastic doggies. Big like!


Thank you David. He had just had a bath before that photo!

Aw great thread! I love all the dogs here! 

Here are my two Alfie & Bo




My lovely handsome Oscar was a rescue, we had him at 2 years old and was a loving, crazy, happy companion until he died last November age 141/2. He never left us out of his sight. Not sad just so may wonderful memories;cid=1411397887935-470

Hopefully another one once I am completely well


I was glad to have met him, lovely dog, not unlike Tigger.



 The first picture is of Lucy the second our gorgeous boy Kev who we lost earlier in the year (heartbreaking). They were from the same litter and Lucy will be 14 in a month!  Big part of our family ????

Sorry about the ???


This is our Inka, rescued last year from a dog shelter in Hungary, she is the most loving dog anyone could wish for!





I've had several rescues over the years and never had a duff one yet.  Nervous and doubtful sometimes to start with but they soon begin to believe it's gonna be OK!! I did have a working smarty pants collie I bought as a pup and she was such a timesaver especially in the water meadows when they could lead me a merry dance or two.  The cows practically stood to attention when Megan appeared in the gateway.