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My husband desperately wants ducks. I quite like the idea, but don't want my garden completely ruined. That said, its a fairly 'rustic' looking garden so I'm not going to get prissy about the odd duck-jobby on the lawn or nibbled herb. Does anyone on here keep free-ranging ducks? I'm considering 2 or 3 mini silver appleyards and want to let them have free run except for at night. Boundaries are already dog/fox/rabbit/chicken-proof. We've got a pond (about 2.5m x 4) - which I fully expect they'll trash. Any experience/advice welcomed - I am used to a variety of pets and the compromises they involve, though never had wildfowl before. Bx


Yes, ducks will trash your pond and the area around it, it will look black and murky and it will smelly 'ducky' and 'pondy'.  They will gather by your back door to wait for you and poop on the step.  

I suggest that if you haven't done it already you go on here and talk to some duck keepers and look at photos of their ponds and gardens, and even visit some of them before you  totally make your minds up.

There is no doubt that they will be gorgeous and you will love them to bits.  

An ex-small-holder and duck-slave 


Don't hold back Dove - cut to the chase!!

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