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HI My son has just moved into a new duplex witch has a lovely big terrace but is completly bare of any planting .

advice sought on suitable evergreen shrubs/plants but most important ones that will not attract to many BEES he is terrified of them

many thanks


Fish4card, unless you know James well, (and if you do I apologise) then it's unkind to tease him.

What is a duplex ?????
Its a foiled backed plasterboard in the building trade , or I have messed up quite a few houses
There are a few options, the ones I picked may not be to your liking, but things like frost hardy gardenias, boxwood, minature conifers and my favourite for balconys is dogwood. Although they are deciduous, they have beautiful autumnal colour when they don't have leaves and can be pruned to any size, I have one in a window box that I keep at 2ft.

MIKE a duplex is 2 dwelings in one one up one down

Fish i should have gone to school more often






Like we used to call maisonettes?

General location?

Pollinating insects will not be attracted to sterile plants or those with double forms of flowers. Basically just read those articles which tell you how to attract insects and choose the other types.


Why not attempt a tropical 'paradise'. Tree ferns, cannas, Fatsia, and elegant grasses, some trailing variegated ivy, other palm type plants that are winter hardy and will suvive in a pot . It does of course depend on location

Fold up trellis to make say a seating area with climbers. 

There are restrictions as to weight on terraces if above another floor so you would need to research that.


Lots of good ideas given but a couple of things to think of before you go out and buy. What part of the country are you in? Is the terrace sheltered from drying winds? What way does the terrace face; how much sun does it get in a day -shady site, early morning sun, full sun etc... these factors will affect how successful or not many of these plants will be.

HI THANKS to all for youre replies my O/H will go for Cannas -grasses- dogwood

his terrace faces north --east---west so should get plenty of sun thats if we get a summer

Thanks Again



Been thinking about this. You need things to go in pots - there are phormiums (red leaves) yucca, some bamboo will go in alarge pot and give anatural screen. persoanlly I would steer clear o dogwood as they can become thuggish

In shade there are ferns. rather than small think big it will have amore spectacular effect,

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