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flora dog

 Pies are my favorite way of using up eggs right now, the day before a coconut custard one, yesterday a lemon meringue. A typical pie takes 5 eggs and we eat a pie in two days. Then I pickle some, have them as sandwiches, custard, and fried.


 Any ideas? The eggs just keep coming. We used to sell most but that is a hassle - having to ask people - there are not enough to bother with the farmers market, About 7 large eggs a day (lost 5 hens a wile ago to predators wile I was away).  We probably eat 4 - 5 eggs a day and give the rest to friends.


 Also if anyone keeps chickens I am going to let hens sit eggs so that will reduce the egg numbers when they go broody in spring. I am going to raise meat birds, we do not like the industrial meat products.

David are just the person I'm looking for

I have been asking for a recommendation for a good Chicken forum  (I keep Beechwood Blue and Speckledy for eggs ).

Can you tell me of a good basic chicken forum ?

Many thanks in advance.


Years ago , 40+.  Dad got a lot of fresh free range eggs and preserved??? them in a big stone pot ( urn with a lid on kept in the garage soaked) with brine I think.  

You had to stick your hand in this slimy stuff to get the eggs out  I live to tell the tale. I still have the pot as a garden ornament. You obviously don't need to do that

All I can think is pickled eggs. Or hard boiled for egg & spoon races  Basically no help at all sorry.

David egg bound is a fallacy, binds cakes not bowels.  More likely cholesterol doc's after you.  


David..this was 1971 !!!   God how tight were my parents?  Think the old chap who gave Dad the urn told him what to do. I still call the Urn " Harold H.... " after him. He was a great help / inspiration in Dad's early gardening years. Even if he tried to poison the kids.

I'll take a picture of it, not thrilling, but hey...olden times

Flora, very sorry I have waffled on and gone off your subject. Hope someone has some more sensible ideas.


Oh Lordy, I remember isinglass; it was in a bucket in the shed, and my father said 'that is how we preserve the eggs'. This would have been about 1954, so it was used long after the end of the 2nd World War.(also in the film Oklahoma, they sing about 'isinglass curtains you can roll right down in case there's a change in the weather')

Remember that most people would not have had refrigeration; though even now I don't keep eggs in the fridge, but I DO know when they are past their sell by date, which they would not have known then.



Isinglass - isn't that where the Hobbits were going?...

I'll get my coat...


David  I'll PM you.  


FG, did you know that The Fens are East of Moooooordooor?

flora dog



 Waterglassing eggs - sodium silicate, keep eggs for six months. Before electric lights that are needed for eggs in winter when short days stopped laying.


""Like you I prefer to rear my own for the table, but TBH I can't be doing with the preparation these days.""


 I can butcher a chicken quickly - will make a video if I raise meat birds because the ones on youtube are so ponderous and involved a process. Just takes minutes.


 Does any one make pies and puddings much anymore? I have heard young people are not learning to cook from raw ingredients. Try this one - it makes its self (makes its own crust magically - from Granny Miller's blog) Using USA measures - cup = 8 oz by volume which closely corresponds to oz weight also.


 Break 5 eggs in a bowl, add a cup of sugar (I use part artificial sweetener and less sugar - stevia made for cooking) two cups milk, 1/2 cup flour, dash vanilla. Beat liquid and sugar for a wile, till smooth, then beat in the flour. Stir in 1 cup unsweetened coconut. Pour into deep pie pan and bake, it rises high, then falls back. fifty minutes - one hour.


 It looks prettier in real life, coconut custard pie, takes minutes to make. People will think you put in effort. Good warm too, but harder to serve.




Freeze the whites for making pavlova and soufflés.  Use the yolks to make custard based ice cream.

Steve 309

Current medical opinion is that eggs in moderation (whatever that means!) are fine and don't raise serum cholesterol (despite being one of the few foods that actually contain any quantity of the stuff).  Saturated triglycerides (i.e. the fat in meat) are what cause the damage.

Me, I reckon you can have too much moderation.