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Hi all again ,as said were moving to new house Norfolk and need a new hover type mower, lawns are if put altogether about a tennis court all easy access im getting a hover as its Kate who likes mowing and that's the truth of it, cus i do most of the heavy stuff anybody got a recommendation for us many thanks Alan
Dove how about that i found them on the net while i waited for any proper opinions i could trust (not the adds) and it was the one youv got, it does look good and ??85 Argos so many thanks for that miduck Alan

I'm trying to decide whether to buy a new lawn mower as the drive has gone on mine.  My mower is a Wolf & is about 7 years old.  The drive went about 2 years ago & I think it cost me about £100, I'm not sure whether to have it repaired again but not sure if it would be better to buy a new one because of its age.  I'd be glad of any thoughts.

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