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Does anyone have a proven method of getting rid, once and for all, for this EVIL , invasive, spreading monster of a plant please !!!!


Do you really mean Japanese anemone which most people find attractive and easy enough to dig up if it gets too exhuberant or Japanese knotweed which is ramapntn hard to destroy and can lift tarmac and concrete and invade drains and foundations and is a notifiable weed?

Hi obelixx,

Yes I do mean Jap. Anemone, it`s a pink Koenig ? I think. EDIT. Possibly Queen Charlotte, variety not Koenig

I have tried digging it out, removing as much root as I can find, I have sprayed with weedkiller, not my preferred option, but it`s growing away like mad at present. I just want to get rid ASAP, any ideas for a permenant solution ? How deep do the roots / runners go to ?



I've been googling "rampaging japanese anemones" and unfortunately everyone says the same things: keep digging/pulling out, glyphsate fresh leaves, try not to leave any root bits in ground, will take ages!

Yep it is persistent
Digging it out when you see it as well as spraying with glyphosate ASAP in the spring does work
I'm sure you know but glyphosate needs 5 or 6 hours of dry weather after spraying and to be applied from now on



I got rid of mine using glyphosate but it took three years. It is more rampant in some gardens than others. It spreads most readily in free draining sandy soil. It spreads less so in my heavy clay. 

I'm spraying mine today - it's growing out go some dry stone walls, so digging's not an option.

I have been keeping a patch of soil totally empty for the last 4 years trying to eradicate this pernicious thug from that section of the border. It has been dug over to a depth of at least 2 feet, the soli riddled and then left empty. This morning I find 3 new leaves appeareing. Every leaf that has ever shown its head has been sprayed with Roundup and it still grows.

I have given up even trying to rid the Roadside border of it and we are considering removing every plant and shrub from this 60 metres by 4 metres bed and returning it to grass Not that, that would work, I find it even comes up in the mown areas now. despite applications of Lawn Weedkiller.

As far as I am concerfned it should be banned from sale like Knotweed.


There are dwarf forms such as Pamina that are not anything like as aggressive. 

Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply and their advice.

I`ll have to get some high strength Glyphosate at it ASAP, I`m determined to free myself of this monster this year, fingers crossed.


Well, all I can say is "Best of luck!".

Just found a stalk coming up in a Rock garden where it was cleared out 5 years ago. Not seen any there for 2 years so we thought it had gone. Sh...................oot.

Well, that`s cheered me up no end Berghill   SH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,OOT !!!


It's funny isn't it.  I like the plant but have a well bahevd clump of the pink stuff that isn't invasive at all.   I would dearly love to have some of the white but it just won't grow.   I have deeply fertile akaline loam which varies from well drained to boggy and the stuf fthat grows for me isin a shady, dampish bed that only gets full sun from 3pm between the equinoxes. 

Good luck with getting rid.  I can sympathise having my own problems with the usual suspects - creeping buttercup, nettles, thistles, couch grass and mare's tail which all love my soil and grow with gay abandon no matter how much I weed them out or paint with glyphosate.

I've got the same problem with Japanese Anemones, White as well as pink.  The pink took a long time to thrive, now it's everywere.  I just dig bits up where I don't want it, but you do have to be persistent.


Mind you. Lysimachia Firecracker is almost as bad as is Lemon Balm.

Two kinds of plants in my garden, dying or thugs!



Strange you should say that about the pink ones Obelix. I've got two nice clumps which have been in the same spot for at least 15 years and have never spread, but the white ones, in a dry bed between a huge magnolia and a large red hazel where nothing else will grow , increase regularly. I just pull out what becomes too much.

I seem to remember that a few weeks back, someone on the forum said never plant anything with the word japanese in the name, you'll never get rid of it!


I've always wondered why anyone would plant Fircracker with it's brash yellow flowers and browny purple foliage.   Same as I wonder about euphorbias which can also invade.

All a matter of taste I suppose.

One of my Japanese maples is definitely not a thug SwissSue.  It has been badly frosted this winter and needs to be moved to somewhere gentler if it survives.  Pity, as it' the only decent prize OH has ever won at golf.  Who needs trophies gathering dust or bottles of wine when you can have luscious plants instead?


My Firecracker doesen't spread much in my heavy clay, but it has never looked good, shrivels in dryish weather. It looks like a weed. This year it is going, by glyphosate. 

Firecracker...As you say, brown foliage n yellow flowers and invasive....aargh!
I only grow the well behaved euphorbias....learnt from experience what Fireflow can do for example.
I grow anemone wild swan....a descendant from jap anemones but.......hopefully with none of its vices
Super strength glyphosate will work on those jap anemones

What do you think I have been using for the last 5 years,Verdun? I get the Professional strength stuff from our local Farm Supply place. I have tried mixing it with Verdone as well to see if the extra oomph will work.