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Angie 3

Hello everybirdy.

I have been down the green house and had such a lovely suprise.  The seed trays that I planted up about two months ago have sprung into life! Borteolli and tendergreen beans, yellow radish, cucumber, celariac, cucumber.

Also all the sunburst squashes....hmmm.  Not so excited about that one maybe!!

I had to share with someone as my husband is not the green finger type!

 Happy, happy, happy 


Hurrah!!!  Amazing what some warmer weather will do 

Now you have your work cut out ........................


At last the cold spring is over and summer has arrived.

You happy then Angie?........

Well done girl



And I can report that seeds given me by Nutcutlet are now sprouting merrily in the warmer weather, after a while of just one or two miserably peeping out into the cold spring.

Excited today.......heleniums about to flower.  

And lunch a'coming

Maybe even cake!



Can't remember what seeds you had Dove , poor memory.

i'm still getting a few germinations from seeds set ages ago. Plus seedlings appearing in with other potted on plants as i stir in the compost from pricking out to extend the compost for larger plants. Doesn't seem to cause any problems and I ger more seedlings.

Still feel Angie 3 when things germinate, perhaps it's down to being an Angie.



You very kindly sent me some codonopsis seeds - so far 3 have germinated (and you gave me a seedling as well which is doing well), and some of the perennial rusty-yellow foxgloves whose name I've written down somewhere 


i still waiting for the veronica seeds to shoot i planted in april..

as for summer is here.. they said lasat night that the longest day is next start to get darker in the evening soon.. and doesnt seem to have been summer at all down here


I would like to join in too please........just one of many joyous surprises of this Spring. After winter in 2010 I lost a Black Hamburg grape vine. DEVASTATED I was, it was in a large pot going up the pergola and lasted 9 years. I left the dead root and two branches in the pot and planted a jasmine to climb up it.

Two days ago I noticed a shoot with leaves that looked like(YES).....grape. Boy, it made my day, I couldn't believe it. The shoot is now GUARDED with holly branches(lots of squirrels and cats here). Even if I only get the leaves to stuff with rice (delicious) it is a result.

It also reminded me that PATIENCE is a major part of gardening. It breaks my heart to watch my neighbours rip out their garden EVERY year and "redesign" it  because they "are tired of waiting for things to grow......"

Jatnikapyar, I understand your excitement and desire to,"protect"  your grape shoot.  fantastic feeling, right! 

Just a comment....don't want to add it to the spam threads....but these spams don't really bother me now.  In my daily newspaper there are ads galore.....the weekend papers have page after page after page of holiday ads and all sorts of others.....but I just skip past them. They dont spoil my newspaper read.  On  the forum, all we need to do is simply scroll past them....just accept they are part and parcel of life these days.

We have a nice forum, nice people, friendly, articulate, knowledgeable, etc. so let's not worry about the spam guys.  I agree it's best not to post on the spam thread that a spam has been reported.....maybe just mention it in morning,or evening FORKERS.??

Now, it's ROASTING.  I'm off outside 

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