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I have had a magic day digging my veg plot - my usually incredibly heavy soil that is notorious to dig was perfect - what has happened?  Fork in, turn soil and it crumbled like breadcrumbs.  To take advantage of the situation I have been digging for 4 and a half hours.  Needless to say a hot soak in the tub is needed.  Has anyone else had a good day in the garden today?  


Lovely, perfect if not for the nettle stings


Me to Forester2, fair bit of digging today, nice to see the soil all clean and crumbly  I really should get out more....

Woodgreen wonderboy

Very heavy soil is very difficult to work when dry, when it can be like concrete, or wet when it is like stiff treacle and should not be walked upon lest you make matters worse. However the in-between stage which seems to happen about twice a year as wet soil starts to dry, or when dry soil starts to moisten gives perfect conditions for cultivation.

In case you long for sandy soil which can be worked all year round, just remind yourself of the old gardeners adage " clay soil may be back breaking but sandy soil is heart breaking".


I live near the beach and my soil is practically sand   always workable but a nightmare if it dries out too much

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