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OMG how I envy you all, I've just looked at the two websites given above. Such beautiful hellebores, I would spend a fortune on those if I had the chance, but no such beauties available here, just the plain white ones (although I like them too) and sort of wishy-washy reddish ones.

Pennine Petal
Some nice hellebores at Harlow Carr today, I looked at some in the nursery but they wanted 10.95 for them, so I gave them a miss. I need some with thick leaves or else the slugs will eat them
Rambling Rose wrote (see)
 No doubt will start with secateurs and end up with a saw! Does anyone else have that problem? 


Spring is definitely arriving here in the South East. Even if we get cold weather back, the days are noticeable longer, the birds are perking up and buds are popping.

My soil is sandy, so I can dig with ease any time of year but need to feed and mulch like its going out of fashion.

Jobs today included dividing a large fern, moving the last bare root rose in the wrong place and oh yes...I found my missing Tulips in another bed. I had totally forgotten where I planted them, luckily, its pretty established and not one I usually end up treading all over in ignorance. Lets hope they look okay.

Tomorrow's jobs include taking delivery of some replacement fencing, the last of the heavy pruning...with a saw and I still need to design two beds that were a bit of a rush job last year because I have all these potted plants that need proper homes and end up saying, "oh that'll do there". Making more work in the following seasons when I decide I hate it.

So, this year's philosophy is to not stress over gaps in the borders but feel excited about eventually finding the perfect plant, how ever long it takes.



'So, this year's philosophy is to not stress over gaps in the borders but feel excited about eventually finding the perfect plant, how ever long it takes'

I will bear this in mind Wintersong when I do exactly the same thing. Was a bit down when I had finished today realising I had a lot of bare earth. I too have plants bought last year that are still sitting in their pots. Never managed to get them in because of the poor weather.

Did stick to the secatuers today!
The potty gardener

I finally got out in my garden (well if you call a 7m by 4.5m paved area a garden) over the weekend. Pruned clematis, roses and fuchsia. Also cut back old perennials from last summer. When I cut back I found a lovely dark Hellebore. I agree that it's too easy to become hooked. I tried to add some pics but it let mechoose which I wanted but then when I clicked upload- nothing!


I thought that too nut. Yellow n purple? Maybe not. No, I, going to do that. It's suddenly appealing. Will make me a fortune!
The potty gardener

It was bent up so I could take the pic! Can't wait to see it fully open.

Still having problems trying to upload pics of my other Hellebore.

That is stunning bev. Lucky you!
The potty gardener

It is just letting me upload one on each message if I'm lucky!!


Hello all : ) I'm new to the forum and looking forward to picking brains and getting tips this year. I've been reading Gardeners World for a while and I thought it was about time I joined the online community.
Hopefully this year will be a drier one as last year was extremely challenging for everybody garden wise. I've been doing the usual tidy up and preparing beds, have some seeds on the go etc. quite exciting
David 25

Hello all.

im entering the 3rd year in my house and last year we decided to put some low maintence shrubs in so I dont have too many jobs to do other than a few weeds here and there and  just looking after the seedlings in the house. I have chives,basil, parsley, strawbs and petunias not doing to bad at the moment. Im enjoying the lighter nights as it is nicer to walk my puppy we have had since oct in the evening.

I'm quite pleased that I managed to get a few bits done in the garden, even though I'm feeling under the weather. I finished edging the new vegetable bed and have moved the rhubarb into it, moved a small fruit tree into the raised planter near the greenhouse. Tomorrow I will have to scrub out the greenhouse ready for the new growing year...that will take me ages.
Got some free 'Cosmos Purity' seeds with GW, nice

Heard the woodpecker today.

Planted out to pts of cylamen coum, hopefully they will eventually carpet the 2 beds i've put them in. Potted on plants that have been overwintering in GH