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What a glorious day almost did not need a coat. I am on a short break in Cornwall. Today we went to the coast but tomorrow I am hoping that we can go and see the Magnolias at Lanhydrock.

Pennine Petal
Welcome newbies Beverlyf and David. I am sure you will enjoy the forum.

Lovely hellebores, I really must get some. You have inspired me to go the GC and get some. I particularly like the purple one.

I must be one of the only people on here that really doesn't seem to like Hellebores. I dont know what it is, they just seem to look like dirty weeds to me. Is there something wrong with me?

The potty gardener

Yes Yes Yes Discodave there must be something wrong with you lol.


Thats the beauty of gardening we all like different things



Lovely and sunny here. I looked at a site for hellebores a couple of pages ago and couldn't believe the prices! In local GC (Dordogne) they are about £9 - 10 each and not very good specimens.


Thanks for the flower Bev, I will accept it as my birthday bouquet. 

I mean, yes, they are structurally lovely. I think its the muted colours that I find lacking.


 Maybe I should try growing some and see if I fall in love with them.


They are gorgeous, Dave, love that dark pink and white, double, speckly one.

That picture from Discodave should convince everyone now about the beauty of hellebores.

Discodave, I think that if hellebores were in vibrant, bright colours they would look too garish at this time of the year when the light is so subdued.

Some of the photos above are truely stunning. I only have the white version of them, but I might have to consider the more unusual ones.

Artjak, I have a double yellow with red speckles. It's truly amazing.

I love this combination:

clematis freckles (flowering now)

 with this hellebore underneath

 Trouble is, you need to be 3" high to get full effect.



Last year a friend who came to lunch gave me a present and when it was over I put it outside by the kitchen wall and forgot all about it. This is what I've just found!


Lovely busy-lizzie. Any scent too? Doesn't matter really cos the colour lifts the spirits.

Verdun; show us a photo and tell us its' name


Bunny ...
That's a lovely hellebore.

Ohh liz great pot too
Snowdrops are up , only have a few but they're multiplying slowly, some daffs poking their way too. Geraniums coming up from the earth, wonderful.

This afternoon in the garden, but I expect most of you have this too!

hollie hock

I do know what you mean Dave about the hellebores, although I was taken with Bev's dark purple one. Didn't realise that you can grow them in the pots.

Lovely Lizzie, I have some snowdrops but not the lovely clumps that you have.........but in time


Hi everyone, I'm new to GW forum (just signed up today).  Its a great site isnt it.  Same as everyone else been enjoying the recent good weather days in the garden, mainly tiding up at the moment.  Looking forward to the spring and hoping for a drier summer.  I had great plans to start transforming my garden last year.  I cut part of a new border in June (jubilee weekend) and then the heavens opens and as we all know it never stopped,  well not long enough to do anything worthwhile.  So I'm desparate to get gardening this year.

Figrat...What a lovely Clematis freckles, mine's been a tab bit disappointing, started to flower in December but a very poor display, there's lots of green leaves though and new growth. 

Clematis jingle bells hasn't been much better and there's alot of dead leaves on that. When do you prune.I can't get my head around pruning clematis .  I've one which flowers in spring and then puts on a show in late summer

Discovered a Christmas rose in flower today,hidden behind a fern. I've little daffs in bud and tulips are coming up really early.