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I wish it would cool down... much as I hate to say it! Having nurtured lots of plants through the cold spring, I am fed up with losing them to the scorching sun. Today I saw a chocolate cosmos had shrivelled up.  So, with some help from OH, I put up a gazebo to shelter my other seedlings. Hopefully the little plants that are waiting to go in will not die! Is it daft to go to these extremes?


Mother Nature can be so naughty.

New seedlings and potted plants need lots of water when the weather is hot and dry...

I'm loving it!

Actually I was about to post that contrary to what the media and experts have been saying, the harsh spring and LOVELY  weather we're currently having  has had a great effect on my plants. I've never had so many blooms, so much fruit - my strawberries are large and lush, brassicas are massive, and for the first time ever, my outdoor tomatoes seem to be doing well.

I have just emptied number three water butt, so maybe a bit of rain would be nice


Quercus ruber

Ive just posted with similar sentiments.  I love this weather too as do most of the plants.   Ok, bit hot for some but do we really prefer the weather we had earlier in the year?

Nice timing  Local forecast just said this weather will stay until the "end of the month"......

Hi Verdun, agreed March was disappointing from our perpesctive, and a lot of sowing and planting had to be delayed but I do think a lot of the plants seem to have benefitted. I thought my apples might have suffered but I've got lots of fruit developing.

Right, back to work, gardening or housework ........... hmmm which do you think might be the choice? 


Outdor girl - I sympathise. Most of my stuff's in pots just now so at least I can move them around a bit if they're wilting. It's not always easy to deal with the weather that's thrown at us! We're not used to this up here at all and we 're usually planting stuff that copes with excessive rain....I can almost see some of the plants glaring at me as if to say 'what on earth do you think you're playing at??' 

How about a bit of fine netting/material of some kind draped over anything that's struggling (like a little sunshade) - even if it's just for the sunniest part of the day? Or a  parasol/brolly stuck in the ground nearby?

I've done lots of shuffling this morning - at 6am! The side of the house is very shady,so it's now crammed with tomatoes, peppers, perennial seedlings such as monarda & sweet rocket. Just waiting for some rain to soften the rock hard ground so I can plant. Yes - the stuff already in the ground is flowering / producing well!


Young plants and plants in pots are like babies and toddlers - entirely dependant on us for their care and safety in whatever heat or rain we get thrown at us.   They need help to stay warm enough not to freeze to death when it's cold and help to stay cool when it's hot plus appropriate watering and the correct nutrients to survive and thrive.

Chocolate cosmos is from Mexico so can cope with heat and sun if it has the right growing conditions and sufficient mositure.

The heat and sun are very welcome here, especially after last year's cold, wet, summer with insufficient light levels.    Enjoy it while you can and take better care of your treasures.  They'll thank you for it by putting on a good display and growing strong.  


The potty gardener

I must say I'm loving the heat.

Mind you I have everything in pots so generally have to water every day anyway.

I think geraniums are one of the best plants for the garden in the dry weather, no need to water!

Personally I hate this heat, I feel hot, sick, tired and grouchy.  I cannot sleep due to the heat much prefering to sleep in a cool/cold bedroom. I love the spring and autumn, where generally we usually get nice weather (last year I got sunburnt in the spring) albiet this year it was rather wet!  but Im happier working outside whilst its drizzling, I can always get warm again but find it so hard to cool down.

Saying that our fruit are doing very, very well, and if you water wisely you only need to water established fruit/veg/shrubs once a week with a really good soaking. On our heavy clay soil the soil is damp after a couple cm below the soil so we only give the plots a good soaking once a week, the rest in pots we water twice a day  plus have water bottles in spikes and we hose the path in our greenhouse down to keep up the damp levels which helps keep the greenhouse cooler and deters red spider mite.



I normally love the heat but have somehow caught a terrible cold (Yes, in July!) and I'm feeling really rough in the heat. Watering the plants in the evening is lovely though and first thing in the morning too.

I'm enjoying the hot weather. Never had strawberries so big. Stuff which didn't do well last year is romping away. Fruit bushes have all done well. Abergines, cues and toms are all showing fruit in the GH. In fact I'm ever so pleased with the aubergines, fruit didn't start showing till at least August last year.

It was too hot to garden at the weekend but it was nice just to sit back in the shade with the papers and a book.  


A beautiful sunset here now and a gentle breeze to cool everything down.


i am hating this humid heat.. my rheumatoid arthritis is so bad i cant mvoe much.. have nto been able to get out and dead head for last 2 weeks.. and when i checked long ranch forecast for isle of wight it is going to be like this upto the 16 aug.. and no signs of rain at all.. all our butts are empty now for the 5th time this year and i have to water pots from the tap now.  we have not had rain since 19th may here. and i dont count the fine spray mist we had back beginning of june... that didnt even dampen the pavements.. rain!

my lawn is brown and dead and some of the plants even my long standing perennials are startin to wilt over now.

need some rain at night at least..


Gardeningfantic I'm so sorry that you feel 'under the weather'. I would have thought that you would have nice sea breezes on the Isle of Wight. My friend from Cornwall has just phoned me to discuss a BBQ she had with her family. I mustn't be jealous as here am I stuck in Cheshire!  Seriously though I do hope you feel better soon.


daydaisy.. thank you.. once the heat and air pressure and humidity go..i will fgeel better.

we normally do have a breeze.. or should i say stiff strong breeze going onto very windy all the time.. but this last few weeks.. there is only a breath of air up on the cliffs.. so not normal for us..  must ay the washing is dry within an hour of putting out.. so that is good.. gets lots done..


My border reshaping is going slowly due to the iron hard soil but i am enjoying the sunshine very much, my other half on the other hand is also struggling with the heat poor thing.