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Gardening Grandma

The great advantage of reaching a certain age is that you have too much time on your hands! 

I can only get one anagram. I'm working on the extra b , it will come eventually .


What I find more irritating is when someone posts a thread thats already in discussion or when it gets posted without any information. Just like "roses", what am I supposed to do with that? Yes its nice to be thanked, but thats just an added bonus. Whats really good is when someone asks for advice, shows pictures, gives a rough location (after all - is different weather up north to down south) and gives follow up information and pictures.. aswell as what method worked for them then we can all gain something.

hollie hock wrote (see)

LIke I said Derek, I appreciate it but it's not the be all and end all for me.

The internet is a transient thing,  you can be speaking to a person one day and then never ever speak to them again.

I don't mind if people dip in and out of sites, getting the info they want. I don't expect to be praised/thanks for something I give freely and get a lot of enjoyment out of.

Sorry Hols-but I do-call me old fashioned if you like-but if you ask a question-no doubt you read the answers-how difficult is it to say thanks- that was helpful

Just common courtesy-and if you do say thanks that you can feel better about asking another question

Just how I see it

Bunny ...
I think Hollie understands that Geoff , just herself personally isn't bothered if doesn't get a thank you , she thanks others though and gives updates.
I also am not bothered if not thanked , maybe it is a generation thing, as younger we become less likely to be thanked these days as it is. But I do try and thank others myself as how I was brought up ...the old fashioned way and polite way


Bunny, fashions come round in regular circles thank goodness and today's children appear to learn manners both at home and school.
In January my Grandchildren came bustling in and both handed me letters thanking me for their Christmas presents plus another from Hannah thanking me for her birthday present in December, hand written embellished with pictures I will treasure them. My Daughter told me it was their own idea so plenty of hope yet.
They also thanked me for the lovely lunch then sort of marred things by asking my Daughter, "why can't we have food like this at home mum"?
Oh well two steps forward and one back is progress.


flowering rose

I am not answering any more question papers or surveys as a nasty little virus upset my computer and I wondering if this is where it came from since it occurred after that.but then I know nothing how it works.

The potty gardener

People on here are so helpful and saying thankyou doesn't take long.


hollie hock

No need to apologise Geoff, I will have to ask the question though,what do you mind?

As far as I'm concerned I'm an active participant here but I don't expect/assume that people will act the same way that I or you do and that's up to them.


Bunny ...
Unfortunately can be the older generation that lapse at thank you too.
I'm not so fussed about a thank you but it'd be good to know the person who started a thread has at least popped back to read the comments.

I agree with Leggi, it would be nice to know if the asker has looked at the replies. A lot do, but some seem to disappear.

Geoff always gives good answers, about gardening and about computers. Some of his replies to others have helped me. Another good answerer is Dove from Above. There are others too, but I can't name them all! 

hollie hock

Does it really matter Busy -Lizzie that the people who ask the question respond or not?  I don't mind if they disappear. For me the enjoyment of being on these boards is pasing on your own knowledge and gaining those of others. The point I'm trying to make is that the internet is a free medium, it's up to the indidivual and whether we like their responses or lack of them is up to us.

I'm not questioning/doubting the advice that Geoff or others give so I don't understand why you made reference to them

Gardening Grandma

Hope this isn't snobbish, but I sometimes wonder, when I see that someone has posted a topic and hasn't actually written any explanation at all, whether it is actually lack of understanding of how the system works and how to write a question properly. Some people are very good practically but not too good at writing things down. Sometimes, a bit of support may be needed to draw out the information needed. The same may apply to thanks - it is lack of written social skills. Or maybe I just taught children with learning difficulties for too long.


This topic is obviously a bug-bear of mine-one of many-as for knowing whether someone has popped back and read the answer-well sometimes you just don't know- because they don't say

It doesn't matter to some- it does to others-I just call it good manners-perhaps we can leave it there-point made?

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