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Just been out into the garden to do a spot of watering and saw lots of flying ants flying around. Not everyones cup of tea but they really are a sight to behold as they fly up to mate, unfortunately the males will die afterwards. I never kill them as it usually only for one day but it just amazes me how they know when exactly to swarm when the weather is just perfect for them. Has anyone else see them yet? 


went up to the allotment this afternoon no flying ants but saw the very biggest 4 winged flying insect ever,,, looked like a dragonfly but a huge gold and brown or black body, the wings didnt shine blue like normal, and i watched it either scooping water of the pond or maybe laying eggs onto a water plant ,must have been 5 to 6 inches across with the body about 3/4of an inche wide absolutly stunning ,biggest i,v seen,



4711, you could have seen a Darter, they would fit your description


There aren't all that many dragonflies in this country, so it should be easy to get close. Most have more or less transparent wings. Whereabouts are you in the country? Was the abdomen of the dragonfly long, straight, round and fairly narrow, or was it more flattened (pea-pod shaped) and wider nearer the wings and tapering towards the back end?


Jean Genie

Not seen many ants this summer at all , flying or otherwise. Find that a bit strange as we usually have a problem every year in the conservatory and find a nest in the front lawn - maybe they are massing and planning for an invasion as we speak!!

However the horse flys have arrived - I got chased around the garden yesterday by one and had to come back inside to escape . Joe or anyone - why oh why do they home in on you ? I couldn't shake the little horror off . One bit me last year and my leg was in a terrible state. I fear them more than slugs !


Pottie Pam

I saw a  programme once that said flying ants all fly at the same time but not seen any yet.

Hate horse flies too. they came out as soon as the hot weather arrived. I put on anti-histamine cream as soon as I get a bite otherwise I get horrible big lumps.

Jean Genie

Yep did that but too late - they are like mini scud missiles !


Hi all


Had millions, oh ok, hundreds of flying ants all over my cottage roof last night.  I usually open both sky light windows when I get home from work as the temperature is absolutely oppressive on hot days, but last night could only open one end for fear of being eaten alive during my sleep by them, my larf !

Gary Hobson

I've been nipped a couple of times this week by horseflies. I used to think they were attracted by perspiration.

However, according to Mr Google, and the book "Dangerous Wildlife in California A Guide to Safe Encounters", horseflies are attracted by 'motion, carbon dioxide and heat'. Heat seeking missiles

Jean Genie

That should be horse flies of course - excuse spelling ! So - the way forward is to don an N.B C suit whilst gardening. I Think they are sneaky - injecting you with anaesthetic so you don't feel them munching you.


hi ,horse flies at the allotment are huge,and as far as injecting anaesthetic these have run out i can feel the thing stick me, not far of a wasp sting pain and i used to be covered with red lumps that lasteed days if you scratched them,i was quite often left with spots of blood where they hed been,now i use one of two things Tesco insect protect,,and it works they dont like it ,and a lady gave me some ,,avon skin so soft cream and beleive it or not that works for Kate my partner and me, the Tesco one smells of citronella but  the other is more feminine smell and the horse flies dont like it and have stayed away from me,,good luck 


Pottie Pam

I agree with 4711 they do sting when they bite. they apparently take a lump of flesh out when they bite.

The Marines use avon 'skin so soft' to keep midges and other biting insects away.


there you go thats the one i said and it works avon calling

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