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The last time Manchester United started the season by being beaten at home was 72/73 when they were beaten 3-2 by Ipswich

Can you tell I'm an Ipswich Supporter with family in South Wales

Think about all the plants flattened in your garden with practice


Come on you toffees!! 

Orchid Lady

Well, apparently it could have been worse, beaten 2-1 by Rovers but apparently we played better than Tuesday......which wasn't difficult really 



2-2 away at Leicester. A good result all in all I think? Yes sorry David,my elder brothers were always keen on Liverpool but I wanted to be different  On a local level I follow the Cobblers 

Who is it you support OL?

Orchid Lady

Blackpool FC's going to be a very long season 

Orchid Lady

Formally known as The Mighty 'Pool,mint so mighty right now 

Ive never worn a kiss me quick hat in my life.....some things shouldn't be rushed LOL!  


Nothing wrong with supporting Blackpool  I always remember I liked the colour of the shirts when I collected footy cards as a kid. Them and Stoke City.

The Cobblers will have a long season too OL if its anything like last season. They were nailed to the base of Division Two for about three quarters of the season before escaping by the skin of their teeth.


Would be nice to see Saints do well again this season, but they don't seem to have any players left.  OH tells me it is all part of the grand plan

Orchid Lady

They must have more than us Chicky, last week we only had 4 on the bench!! 

Orchid Lady

B****y match of the day on a Saturday night again......I knew there was something I disliked about the football season 


Good film on BBC2 at 11pm OL 


Blades lost  ( the ne'er do wells ) on local radio phone in some were calling for Cloughies head !  It will be a very long