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Girasole wrote (see)



By the way re your new photo, Rosa, ie. lilac watering can. In Italian it would be Annaffioatoio shall we start calling you Anna?


No quite happy with Rosa carriola - it may be back


Are you going to become Houdini????

wow 20000 posts

Caz W

Double whammy today 20,000 posts of which 7769 have come from Geoff

Page 1001 - anyone remember the old advert "1001 dry foam"?  That song will be going around in my head for ages now  .............

Caz W wrote (see)


Page 1001 - anyone remember the old advert "1001 dry foam"?  That song will be going around in my head for ages now  .............

Cleans a big big carpet in less than half an hour - started me now


"1001 cleans a big,big carpet for less than half a crown"

"half an hour" ???-what a plonker Rodney


Caz W

Altogether now:

One Thousand and One Dry Foam — Does it right!
One Thousand and One Dry Foam — Cleans it bright!
A brighter carpet means a brighter home,
One Thousand and One Dry Foam.


Wow you lot all been busy I see.

Becks, your new family member looks gorgeous.

Geoff, Happy Christmas, again.

Sasha, try not to get lost again.

Bjay, take care. Hope that it can be sorted out for you.

Me- sick of the sight of boxes appearing from various cupboards. Daughter has emptied & refilled her wardrobe, soon to be ours again, I hope. She's doing evening meal now, shall clear up as usual I expect.

OH's taking otc NSAI for his hips/back, but still sat at the pc all the time instead of trying to keep mobile.

1 last tin at the top of my wardrobe awaits- need to do it then will feel happier. Lots of memories turning up, & the odd puzzle- why did I want to keep that? Paper wheely bin already nearly full & 2 weeks before next collection..... More 'for tip' things dumped in hall too. Right off I go. J.


This is so exciting


Congratulations to all.

Just having a glass of vino the celebrate,



Simple pleasures-my work here is done


Jo, for goodness sake sit down and relax, it will still be there in the morning, Sunday is a day of rest. I'll send you a glass of wine, it will be in your cyber locker pronto


We have wine too! That box can wait.....

Daughter just said no room in the oven for the pud I was planning to do, so Remoska I think. J.


I used to get a lot of those advert s wrong 

The hands that juice dishes - could never understand that  till it was explained

he he


Bother, missed page 1000. Dug the broad bean bed in veg garden and manured it. Amazed it was diggable after all the rain, but it had potatoes in it last year. They say potatoes improve soil. Is that because it's earthed up and then dug up? Then rang daughter and page 1000 pased by.

Lovely baby.

Jean Genie

I missed the magic number  Hope you've all saved me some goodies .

Bjay, that happened to me once and it was a stratch on my throat . Chances are that's what it will be but you are doing the right thing seeing the doc.

Becks, what a lovely picture  Congrats and please return my handcuffs asap please. I need to chain myself to the radiator to stop myself potting up and fiddling with plants. Enjoyed visiting daughter - house looking well now . She's gone purple potty in the kitchen .

I have now my first purple microwave.


Jean Genie

Errm I haven't got a purple microwave - that should have read SEEN.


Two milestones in one day - wow

Beautiful baby,  Becks-  Congratulations to everyone A quick message for Lottie and Flo -I did send messages to you but not sure you received them  If you did then that is fine

Pam LL x

Bunny ...



Congrats on the big numbers, thought id drop in something for your party...



Miss Becks

Ooh, Bunny bought presents!! Or are they just empty boxes wrapped up for show.

Thanks all for kind words on new nephew!

Bunny ...
No they are gardening presents

Congrats on nephew .